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I've been taking notes of potential improvements for the general quality of life of game while I was leveling (still lvl 20). Some of them might sound trivial and first world problems at its finest, but I still think could be good additions. Just to give more insight my platform is PC(steam) and this is my first time playing after a while so please excuse if some of the options already exist (or have already been proposed) and I just was unaware of them:
  1. Show available quests in both map and minimap. I'm sure I've missed some on my way because I usually roam off roads.
  2. Keep chat aspect ratio as you had when closing the game. Everytime I log in to the game I need to change it again to a bigger size.
  3. Allow decoupling of chat windows. Being on PC I have plenty of space and I'd like to have both guild and world chats separated, one on each side of the screen.
  4. Quest text/objectives displayed on side. A small one but I like tracking my progress without having to hover the tracked quest.
  5. Display stats constantly if opened. I like to have the /stats data there so if I chose to display it, have them there on next log in. Also there is a minor bug with them that not sure if reported. If you have them displayed and change zone, they are not visible anymore but still count as ON, as I need to then write /stats again twice: one to remove (despite not seeing it) and a second to show again.
  6. Better info on minimap. Despite having the markers there for quests, enemies or NPCs, hovering it just shows the tooltip "Local map (M)" That could be used in a better way to display the name of what each of those markers represent.
  7. Map zooming. This is for all minimap, area and global map, in order to help find things on it when they are too crowded.
  8. When on zone map, allow to navigate to world map right clicking it.
  9. Search in crafting window (or potential sorting at least). I was doing Cyprian's daily quest, where he asked me to get a "Huckleberry pie" for him and I thought it was a crafted item. I opened the "Knowledge book" and I was crazy going up and down the list trying to locate it and because it's not alphabetically ordered (just level ordered) and there is no search tool. Googling it ended up being the best way but it would be nice to have it ingame.
  10. When buying, allow to filter out unusable items. This came after an extensive day of profession leveling. I was trying to buy the best tool for each profession and because of the disparity of levels, the right tools were hidden among the unusable ones, potentially making you think that there is no better tool for you when it is hidden there. Example:
    (In here I thought the best pick was the previous to that one marked there)
  11. Display the total of items you have in abgs when looting some amount of the same category. IE: "You gained 2x Pine (58)"
  12. Make the loot dialog sticky. It disappears after some seconds and I'd like to have it always there (and potentially movable).
  13. Different noise on quest finished than on quest progress. A lot of times I've finished with the requirements of a quest and I still keep getting more because I haven't realised I've finished already. You already have that sound of progress (like a fountain pen writing on papyrus). I think making a different one when all is done would be really beneficial (as well as a better visual track as described in #4)
  14. ESC key to close all windows, including inventory minimise. I sometimes have lots of windows opened, including the inventory to check for amounts of items and when willing to move and see where I go, I hit ESC to close them all. It's a bit annoying that the inventory still remains there open.
  15. Contested drops. I've had some instances when I thought I had tagged a boss and after a while when killing it I discovered I could loot nothing because it belonged to someone else. Having a visual on the "ownership" of the monster you are killing would be nice. I'm a nice guy and leveling a tank, so I don't mind helping, but god does it feel disappointing when you see those nice items that you can't get and thought were yours >_<
  16. Quest level before picking. They mostly go accordingly to the area, but having the level displayed on the dialog option before accepting would be cool to know if it's way too under level or way over level. Something in the lines of "[22] Please save the princess".
  17. Hover preview of the cost of travel. I know you have the value on the CTA button, but to be honest I've never used it. I always double click and I just discovered it today. I was doubleclicking it and then reading the money taken on destination with the loot window info. Having it on hover would save the initial click helping doubleclickers like me :)
  18. Rearrange champs in character selection. I played the game months (maybe years?) ago and when coming back I decided to create a new champ as I had forgotten everything I knew. After realising I was not going to use my old character I removed it and my only one is sitting there in the middle without option to make it be the first. Quite a OCD thingy, I know, but I can't be the only one with that feeling when seeing this:
    I'm sure other people would love to rearrange their characters as well in that menu :)
  19. Preview items on champ. I don't craft all the items available if the stats are worse than the equipped, but in some cases I'd craft some of them that I wouldn't normally if they look good on me and the Gnoment allows me to use the skin with better stats. To avoid wasting materials on not-so-good-looking items, having this would be great.
  20. Link items in chat. I was asking for some opinions regarding items with some guildmates and I couldn't paste the items for them to see and help me with the comparison in an easier way.
  21. Accumulative cornucopias. The same way "Clockwork Harversters" can be used multiple times and stack as buff, cornucopias could do the same in case you want to use more than one in one go.
  22. Allow map annotations. I would love to have world map annotations, like where to find this or that material or this or that nice boss.
Those are the general ones I've thought of so far :)

I have a suggestion to an specific quest: "A deal with Demelza" where you have to get a buff and ask 3 people spread away from each other some questions in less than 60 seconds. I started the quest but I wasn't sure if that was the case as I could see no indicator of the time already ticking. Having it as a buff/debuff would have solved the issue.

And now a final question. Is there any support (or plans to support) community made addons? Would love to create some that could solve some of those issues :)


wäre es möglich, dass ZORIAN SUMPF und GORTIN PASSAGE etwas heller im Bild umzustellen?o_O
Für meine Augen ist es immer zu dunkel und muss dann immer in Optionen das Bild verändern. :(
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1) Actually going off road could mean finding some hidden quests. I think the current system is fine, being spoonfed takes away some of the fun. Worst case you can check the wiki site to see if you missed any quest in a particular zone.
2-6) Agreed with them.
7) I can't recall anytime when I needed this. Can you give an example where would zooming would have helped your gaming experience?
8-11) Yep, these could be good.
12) Not exactly sure what you mean by this
13) Could be neat, but I never really had this issue (seeing the XP pop up means quest is over)
14) Sure
15) This already exists, I think there is either a red X or swords at avatar of the enemy mob if someone else tagged it
16) Since the quest log is infinite, I see no reason why you wouldn't take a quest. Worst case if you afraid of cluttering the log, you can hide quests
17) Don't be so impulsive ;)
18-20) Yep these would be good
21) This kinda already exists if I understand your suggestion correctly. You can buy different tiers of Cornucopia recipes from the Charter Token vendor that accumulate the effect of multiple ones (highest tier being 50 Cornucopias iirc) and then add some
22) Sure, I guess some people would use this too

Deal with demelza: I'm fairly certain you get a buff and you can check its timer.
I haven't heard anything related to supporting fan made mods, so probably no for now.


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wäre es möglich, dass ZORIAN SUMPF und GORTIN PASSAGE etwas heller im Bild umzustellen?o_O

Für meine Augen ist es immer zu dunkel und muss dann immer in Optionen das Bild verändern. :(

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This is a translation of Kalinkakarin's post to made it understandable to non-german speakers :

Hello, would it be possible to brighten a bit the atmosphere in the zorian swamps and the gortrin passage maps ? For my eyes, it is always too dark and i do have to change the luminosity in options seetings. That would also be great for the fungal caverns of Basido.

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I would like to add two points:
1) Add the ability to set a custom UI scaling. I am playing on a 2560x1440 monitor and even the biggest available interface size is pretty small on such a big screen.
2) Being able to browse zone maps of zones different from your current one via the world map.
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Deal With Demelza is definitely a confusing quest - that question gets asked many times per day in wc - "How do I get enchanted?" - because their timer ran out and they didn't understand. I do agree that it could be made more clear.
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