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We know what an extraordinarily creative and talented community we have here, and this holiday contest will give you all a chance to really show it! Make us VH Christmas ornaments which can actually hang from a tree.

So get out your drawing pens, or scissors and glue, or buttons and sewing thread, or digital images with string attached, the possibilities are endless, we just want to see actual ornaments with a VH theme to them!

The Rules
  • Please take a photo of your homemade VH themed ornament, and in the photo include a handwritten note next to your ornament with your in-game character name and server. Then post your photograph either here on this thread, or on the designated Discord Channel.
  • If 8 different players from a server submit 8 entries, then every player on the server will receive a special gift.
  • If 15 different players from a server submit 15 entries, then every player on the server will receive two special gifts.
  • Individuals may submit as many entries as they like, however, only one entry will go towards the server gifts.
  • Individual prizes will also be awarded!
    • First Place Winner = 200 crowns + A Holiday Surprise Package
    • Second Place Winner = 150 crowns + A Holiday Surprise Package
    • Third Place Winner = 100 crowns + A Holiday Surprise Package
  • This contest will close on December 23rd.

Good luck, and have fun! And remember, your participation will help to earn gifts for all the players on the server! :D


Great Adventurer
  1. Android
Although these are just digital ornaments, I'd still like to share. Always loved the Mad Otter logo, so thought it would make an amazing ornament. I don't know about anyone else, but stained glass is some of my favorite art styles, and the church/cathedral in Sapphiras Lament is no exception, definitely one of my favorite things in the whole game ,I just wish I could get a better Screenshot then I could get from my current device, because the actual art is far more beautiful than the blurriness shown here. Finally, who wouldn't want an ornament of one of their own characters, even more so, mine! So without furtherado a SpotstheCheetah ornament lol! Thanks to anyone who takes a look, and Happy holidays to all!


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  1. PC
I have a very elusive Scarlet Xinzen Carp, stuffed and ornamentified for my holiday viewing pleasure!
I also have created a new exclusive Potion Masters Stash, complete with Minor Mana Potions, Drams of Mastery of varying levels, Dram of Clarity, and a Dram of Haste. Quantities are limited!!!Scarlet Xinzen Carp.jpgPotionMastersStash.jpg
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