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What’s more fun than writing a Christmas card and sending it fondly off to someone in need of good cheer? The answer is: creating your own original VH holiday card, with a note or letter to a specific Elder Boss in the game, written from the perspective of one of your toons!

So this is a two-tasks-in-one kind of contest, which requires players to first get artistically creative and fashion an actual V&H Christmas Card. How you choose to create it is entirely up to you – paint or draw, craft or sculpt, use digital media, the list goes on and on. BUT you must then include in your post, a personal note or letter to an Elder Boss.

The Rules
  • Create an original VH Christmas Card with a simple holiday message in text on it. For example: ‘Seasons Greetings VH,’ ‘Happy Holidays VH,’ ‘Merry Christmas VH,’ etc.
  • In addition to the card, please also post beneath it, a special note, letter, or message to an Elder Boss written from one of your own characters. You may write as much as you like, but please do at least include the following:
    • Tell your Elder Boss why you chose them out of all the bosses in the game to send an X-Mas card to.
    • Relay a fond or distinct memory your character has of them.
  • You may post here on the Forums, or on Discord. Please be sure to include your server and character name when posting.
  • If 8 different players from a server submit 8 entries, then every player on the server will receive a special gift.
  • If 15 different players from a server submit 15 entries, then every player on the server will receive two special gifts.
  • Individuals may submit as many entries as they like, however, only one entry will go towards the server gifts.
  • Individual prizes will also be awarded!
    • First Place Winner = 200 crowns + A Holiday Surprise Package
    • Second Place Winner = 150 crowns + A Holiday Surprise Package
    • Third Place Winner = 100 crowns + A Holiday Surprise Package
  • This contest will close on December 23rd.
Good luck, and have fun! And remember, your participation will help to earn gifts for all the players on the server! :D

Math Fish

Royal Guardian
Math Fish (Marksman), Shama Fisha (Water), Accursed Angelfish (Shadow), Logical Loach (Fire)
  1. PC
  2. Steam
This image is best viewed as the "full image". It got shrunk a bit to render on the forums. Enjoy!

Math Fish, Us3

Baldok Christmas Card.png


Royal Guardian
  1. PC
XMerlindaX EU2
Dear Elk Shadow
I owe you many a fright when you were still lurking in the old zone Elk meadow behind the hill for careless players. The first time I innocently passed the hill and wanted to go to a quest giver, you came rushing towards me and killed me with one blow!
Since that day I have always given your hiding place a wide berth, or at least tried to, sometimes you did get me.
I don't want to know how many players you caught trying to get at you, good that you are now locked up in your hideout.

Greetings from XMerlindaX


Royal Guardian
ishanroyc, ishamanroyc
  1. Android
  2. PC
ishanroyc (EU1)
V&H card.png
One more thing id like to add for Villarius;
"While your soul left the icy Villar Summit and your frozen body and your rusty sword fell out of your cold hands, so did my fear of you since childhood, and after it left...the only thing that remained was courage...courage to move forward! Courage to do the right thing! So for that I thank you my past's spine-chilling nightmare"


Nausicaä23 Diane Argus Epona Vallensis
  1. iOS
Bien Chère Reine Banshee,

Vous souvenez-vous de notre première rencontre ? Hax et moi étions encore tout jeunes, tout frais et tout innocents sur V&H. Nous sommes arrivés vaillants et fringants auprès de vous, et vous avons déclaré la guerre. Asunder, un autre héros, était aussi là, il peut témoigner pour la postérité.
Nous nous sommes battus encore et encore, mais notre jeunesse a eu raison de nous, vos points de vie restaient désespérément et exagérément hauts malgré nos nombreux assauts.

Nous avons continué, malgré tout, à vous frapper, pauvres de nous. Et à user et abuser de nos Voltan de Resurection si précieux, sans comprendre ce qu’il se passait.
Asunder s’était rangé dans un coin, et nous regardait nous battre comme des perdus, en appelant du renfort. Il devait bien rigoler !

Puis de généreux héros sont arrivés en force et vous ont défaite en moins de deux !
Ce jour-là, j'y repense chaque fois que je viens vous voir. Et j'en rigole encore, avec Hax !

Joyeux noël tout de même, et à notre prochaine rencontre et sans rancune !

Nausicaä23 from EU1


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