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Contest #3: VH Christmas Cookies Bake-off!

No holiday season is complete without the joy of Christmas cookies! Come on, who doesn’t love just a nibble. And we’re pretty sure that we have an awful lot of excellent cookie makers in this community. So it’s bake-off time! For this contest, hit the kitchen, for real, and please show us your mad cookie making skills! We’re asking for V&H themed Christmas cookies from you all. 😁

The Rules:
  • Bake Christmas cookies with any sort of V&H theme to them. Take a photograph of your cookies. In the photograph, please include a handwritten note which states your character name and server. Post the photograph with your cookies and note on this thread, or on Discord.
  • Players may only submit one entry. (Please be sure still to post your character name and server.)
  • Each valid entry is worth one point.
  • This contest will close on Sunday, December 22nd at 10am PST/1pm EST/19:00 CET

Have fun, and good luck! 😛
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Jolon, Jenalya
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Shiverspine Yeti Droppings
These can be used as emergency rations if stranded in Shiverspine. Best warmed by body heat in that case. Have a bitter punch and inevitably come with snow garnish.
aka Vegan Keto Christmas Snowballs :)


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OH... I made some cookies to celebrate the candy canes, trees, stars in the game and Grinchta walked all over them, broke some, burned some and squished the Christmas tree even! Ate some them left a few "deposits" on the plate! I'm mortified!
V&H christmas cookies.jpg
It says: "Grinchta, the aftermath"! IrishElf US1
The elf helpers are now unemployed!
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