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Contest #2: Holiday Movie Scene Reenactments in V&H

I love this contest! We did a non-holiday version of it last year, and there were SO MANY amazing and creative entries. So we are altering it just slightly to fit the 12 Days of Christmas Event this year. :D

What is it?

For this contest, we are asking you to reenact any scene at all from a holiday movie within V&H. (A Christmas flavored movie.) You may do it solo, or with friends. We are looking for originality and similarity to the actual film scene being depicted. Here are several fantastic examples from players in the contest last year to illustrate:

By Isa Beau, Mutsie, and Witch

The Rules
  • Reenact any movie scene with a holiday theme within V&H, and screenshot it. With your entry, you must also post an image of the actual movie scene you are reenacting. So we need to two images from you.
  • When posting, please include your in-game character name and server. (And those of all participants if applicable.) Please also state which movie you are reenacting.
  • Only one entry per player is allowed.
  • You may post on Discord as well.
  • Every valid entry will be worth one point. The server with the most points wins the contest.
  • This contest will close on Sunday, December 22nd at 10am PST/1pm EST/19:00 CET

Have fun and good luck! Can't wait to see what you all come up with! (And please remember that we will also be awarding individual first and second place winners special prizes, in addition to the overall server contest!) 😊

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