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Ever have those moments when someone says something, and you respond, not with an actual comment, but simply answer them instead by posting a GIF off the internet which rather perfectly expresses your feelings on the subject? We think you have, because we’ve seen some pretty hilarious GIF retorts from you all over the years, and if you haven’t, you’re about to!

For this contest, we will supply eight different topics/statements to choose from, and we’re asking players to post a GIF which conveys their reactions to them.

For example:

When it’s mid-December and I’m listening to Christmas music while battling Spooky Druda in the Halloween event zone…

So to be clear: we are not asking players to make their own GIFS. Please just grab them off the internet. ( is a good source, so is ;)

The Rules
  • Please only post one GIF per topic. When posting, please be sure to include your in-game character name and server. (And be sure to include the provided topic statement with your GIF!)
  • You may do however many or however few of the eight topics you like, but please do not do multiple entries for the same topic. Just one entry per topic, players can submit a max of eight entries.
  • We are not asking players to make their own GIF’s, but if you would like to, that is very much allowed.
  • Players may either post here on this forum thread, or on the supplied Discord thread, but it is not necessary to post in both places.
  • This contest will close on December 23rd.
  • First Place winner will receive 300 crowns and a Holiday Surprise Package. Second Place winner will receive 200 crowns and a Holiday Surprise Package.

The Eight Topic Statements Are:
  1. Hanging with my guildees and in-game friends over the holidays
  2. Whenever I see a notification about an EZ boss being up
  3. When reindeer droppings keep landing in my in-game emails
  4. A Villager’s Christmas vs A Hero’s Christmas
  5. That feeling when you realize you’ve been trying to enter someone else’s house or village
  6. This is my 2020 winter holiday
  7. When your finger slips and you aggro the EZ boss
  8. When I see the words, “This patch is now live.”

Good luck and have fun! Can't wait to see what you all come up with!:D


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whenever I see a notification about an EZ boss...

Regar US 1


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  2. PC
Do they need to be Christmas themed? Or any gif will do?
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