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  1. Event Zone Behavior

    I'll reply here same as I did on a later post....I believe in the expedience of ez. They spawn every 1.5-2hrs....we start..w8ing 5 we down to 1.45-1.95 hrs to complete b4 respwan....nxt we w8 1-2 min for every1 to reach we down to 1.44-1.93 hrs...w8 1-2 min 4 next...we at...
  2. Event Zone Behavior

    I also believe in the expedience of completing the ez zones after u have done them multiple times alrdy & w8ng 5 minutes to start everytime gets old very fast...then w8ing another min or 2 to start the next takes ridiculous amt of time when all said and done. The plyrs who r...
  3. Event Zone Behavior

    they can suffer consequence of pulling bounty too early or you can make a mental note not to involve them in any future ventures u may become a part of. That is just my suggestion & how I handle difficult in-game attitudes/personalities/behaviors
  4. Event Zone Behavior

    I do not understand the point of having the HALLS OF SALVATION & RED CLOISTER QUESTS when there are none who will participate...these are "group required" quests & plyrs have been asking for over a week for this "group" ....all complaints of difficulty...lower the difficulty or delete the quest...
  5. Calendar Reset

    I was on day 18 yesterday... I log in today & I am at day 1?
  6. Current Contest Secret Santa Event 2019!

    I need to speak to a coordinator. I have an account change & need to know how to send my secret santa gift to the Elf person