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  1. Zyani

    bugraport down (again)

    The bugraport system realy needs a checkup, i can almost never make bugraports
  2. Zyani

    char stays ïn combat"during event runs

    every time a incarnation is killed in the eventzone my char stays "in combat" and i cant mount, teleport or leave the zone, i have to force leave combat using preparednes And my bugraport also does never work ingame
  3. Zyani

    Wardrobe upgrade suggestion

    The wardrobe function is ok sofar for me, changing looks with a single click and not have to gnog the look of every new item you got, but it would be nice to add the preferred mount for that look too.
  4. Zyani

    puzzle journey

    New Puzzle Journey Hi all, i want to introduce a new puzzle journey that can be done by ALL SERVERS. For those who do not know my previous ones some tips: I base these puzzles on ingame chars, zones, materials, ect. but becouse of the many languages i had to choose the English one, so in...
  5. Zyani

    bugraport is bugged

    for a while i am unable to sent any bugraports, and i do found a few bugs. - bottled repair globules do not work - in the crystal sanctuary in crystal spire the little Arrow in your minimap runs backwards - sometimes stuff disapeares out of your bag, just before that you can't move or use it -...
  6. Zyani

    ingame clock

    Every time at a event or when something gets announced i see the same discussion over and over again. Most ppl keep asking about the time when it is acc to theyr hometown time. It could be made ALOT easyer to simply add a visual clock ingame with the gametime (Ardent time)
  7. Zyani

    Gather zones upgrades

    Was just wandering if the gatherzones could get sone kind of upgrades: Lake kiwa has vaults and vendors for selling gemms and repair tools if needed and crafting stations. Forever tree, Thriving islands and Stone gardens only have vendor(s) but no vault or crafting stations. Could those last 3...
  8. Zyani

    more char options

    We have had a fair update of new player styles on our characters, and if i heared it right a few more are coming soon, but did any ever had the idea to also add the diferent races as a option in the characters? It surely makes it alot more colorfull if you can have a corsian look, and i do not...
  9. Zyani

    use shield slot diferent for hunters and mages

    Just a cosmetic idea: Hunters and Mages can't use shields but can use the slot to equip a non-class bound one for just show. Why not use that to add for example a Arrow-Quiver for hunters and a Magical-Rune for mages as a "shield" for extra cosmetic effect
  10. Zyani

    weird message

    Getting this message when i just teleport from fungal caverns to saphira's lament. Had it on 2 of my chars already and with the exact same zone teleport
  11. Zyani

    zones NOT opened with pyrron masterkey

    The following keys are not replaced by the key of pyrron (pyrron masterkey) - Gargoyle staging key - Pyrron arcane key - Avrilla's secret key - Sapphira's half-broken locket Found out the hard way those are not covered by it
  12. Zyani

    annoying new feats

    There have been alot of changes lately and i can understand they can be very usefull for some but for others they are extreme annoying. It would be nice if they can be switched off in the gameoptions prehand so you never get them. Also noticed that if you have a equipmentslot empty, like a...