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  1. Avenian

    Promo Website now Live!

    I am not an expert with this but I played around with the saturation and contrast of the image above and came up with this: The centre structure appears to have 3 parts (base, middle, and top) and appears to be surrounded by a number of obliesks of various sizes.
  2. Avenian

    New Nature Talent is OP

    Well hell...I have never used Tempest and I guess I might need to find some more sockets to redo gear. I guess now that we will be all balanced we can start up the pvp threads again.
  3. Avenian

    New Nature Talent is OP

    Move along Devs, there is nothing to see here. Nature hunters are just doing their helpful role in well balance groups. What is really going on is that we have a couple of warriors and wizzies who had their egos shattered because they are no longer at the top of the damage charts. Besides, we...
  4. Avenian

    Thank You Secret Santa

    My Secret Santa gave me some great mats that I will be able to put to good use. Thank you!!!! Also, a big thanks to the Otters and elves that helped organized and ran the event...Cheers to you too!!!!
  5. Avenian

    Quest Item Timer

    The quest "Lessons in Translation" requires you to collect 100 Death Warg Haunches and they have a timer of about 29 mins before they spoil. The timer will reset when you switch zones. However, if you have a full stack of haunches and a second stack, the full stack timer did not reset while...
  6. Avenian

    Current Contest (12 Day Event) V&H Christmas Songs

    On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, A mead. On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, Two dragon mounts And a mead. On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, Three Sweet Zona pies Two dragon mounts And a mead. Fourth day of Christmas, my true...
  7. Avenian

    Current Contest (12 Day Event) Vault Ornament Contest

    It started as a day that was no different, traveling through the land of Bloodstone. Out of the corner of by eye, I saw the venerable Merrick Darkwalker doing something peculiar. This vampiric fellow was decorating a tree with sinisterly crafted ornaments. To partake in the merriment of this...
  8. Avenian

    Current Contest (12 Days X-Mas) Server Donation Contest!

    The Otters will be either too drunk or hungover from the eggnog :P
  9. Avenian

    What's wrong with this picture?

    Did you factor in the candy corn?
  10. Avenian

    Fan Friday Fan Friday Oct 18-25

    Nice submissions all!!!
  11. Avenian

    Ding-Dong Dash!

    Thanks for the event!!! I was fortunate to be able to hand out treats and it was great to see so many people in their costumes. It is always nice to have visitors come by the village too :)
  12. Avenian

    This is not the right location

    This is not the right location...maybe try Game Suggestions.
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  14. Avenian

    Newbie question

    Fish can be used in cooking to make fish dinners and oils for potions. The fish can be used to help level up cooking.
  15. Avenian

    What are all the Wellspring Village Buffs?

    My guild has this one running: Gathering in your village is 10% faster. The chance to find Cornucopia while gathering is increased by 50%.
  16. Avenian

    Fan Friday Fan Friday Sept 13 - 20

    Great works...congrats to all!!!
  17. Avenian

    Ardent Society Membership Update

    From previous posts in this thread:
  18. Avenian

    Dying easily with 1 vs 3+ mobs

    As a nature hunter, I am finding Plaguelord a huge advantage in fighting bounties that bring friends. However, before that and still today, I use the mob mechanics to my advantage. I hit the bounty and then start backing up/kiting. The bounty's speed for me will be slower in most cases than...
  19. Avenian

    Prisma a No show on US1

    Thanks Otters :)