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  1. Pure DPS Earth or Water Shaman?

    I've often wondered what a dps-focused shaman could do. My gut tells me that an un-attuned hybrid shaman with these 6 dps abilities: water bolt, water whip, crag strike, earth shard, seismic shock, and rock bite could do pretty good damage. (And then pick some other ability: some smaller AoE...
  2. Playbalancing Raids

    Yes please fix the bully! It is so big!
  3. Gold - What do you do with it?

    Is it a scam if he gives you a hat?
  4. New here,looking for builds.

    For nature hunter, I really like this: lvl 1 to lvl 13 - unlock first two nature talents lvl 13-,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,5,10,2,0,0 At lvl 17 - unlearn talents, switch over to get full seasoned botanist...
  5. Easiest class to play out of all ranged classes

    I find marksman on the complex side, but quite fun and really strong solo. Good group buffs, too. But... wouldn't call it simple. I find nature simpler. Just 2 spells really, poison shot and woodland arrow. Don't "need" anything else. Could add third spell noxious shot later in the game...
  6. Bug Reports vs CS Tickets

    oh, I see, ctrl_shift_b makes a bug report with just that specific screenshot.
  7. Bug Reports vs CS Tickets

    I know how to take screenshots, but how to attach it to the report?
  8. Bug Reports vs CS Tickets

    How do you attach a screenshot to a bug report?
  9. Level 80 and 85 Elders HP need adjustment

    Valax just needs to LTP and upgrade his gear. If he joined a good guild, I bet they'd have some armorsmiths who could get him some more vitality.
  10. Ode to Dungeons - Fare thee well!

    Goodbye dear friend HHoS. Yeah, hope they come back sometime! They weren't perfect, but they were something to do!
  11. Shadow of the Eclipse: Update on Fixes Coming

    I feel like this is some greed-related fable now or something "whosoever seeketh the most glory endeth with none"
  12. Shadow of the Eclipse: Update on Fixes Coming

    Oh my, glory stacks aren't happening anymore! ahhh!!! panic! :)
  13. Shadow of the Eclipse: Update on Fixes Coming

    woah, what is this bug? I just levelled my relic to 16.
  14. Gear 2.0

    I'm thinking like "wow, that would take all the development effort for months", and I think some of what you propose might fall into that wishful thinking land (and would take a lot of very clever development to make it balanced out of the box), but really cool stuff, I think that would all be...
  15. Playbalancing Raids

    Yeah, some part of me agrees that at least voltan's should be restricted, but I do want the devs to get money, so not sure. For the most part, I don't think the top players are spamming these. The players I see completing lvl 10 make sense to me to be able to complete it. Would be neat to...
  16. 95s are now a pathetic joke.

    Wow, Arjuna, you're really going off the rails here. Dial it back, dude. The timer value was arbitrary before, it's arbitrary now. No need to get so upset. Good to provide your feedback to the devs, but chill. That said, real elites set their own challenges.
  17. All achievements complete!

    Ahhh!!! so... 5,000 gnogments... times.... 10 subclasses ... times 5 servers ... 250,000 gnogments?!?!? Well, I've done 5,000, so just have to do that again 49 times.... Should only take 1 year of complete devotion to that task alone.
  18. All achievements complete!

    That seems so much work at the moment! I'm at about 4k in each, except cinder, which is 2.6k. I spent them on motes trying to master some recipes early, so maybe that's the next thing to go for.... but sounds dauntinger than the gnogmenting.
  19. All achievements complete!

    I will definitely be trying to do this one! :D
  20. All achievements complete!

    The talent builder doesn't give the right values for burden of power. The first poiint is +6%, but each additional point is +1%.