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  1. 2 Pages of my items are locked behind a paywall

    Recently my Ardent Society membership expired. I love this game and I love supporting this game, but times are tough and I can't always afford to be spending on a game. BUT- on the day that my AS membership expired, I noticed that when I went to my vaults, I can no longer withdraw any of my...
  2. What's the deal with Grave Bolt?

    It's not working against monsters anymore like it used to. A helpful player told me something about rune level and trinket level having to do with it, and those being too weak compared to the monster I am fighting. So why can't I find any of this information on the wiki, or in the game? I...
  3. Stuck on loading screen

    I'm unable to play since about 2pm CST, I have been unable to get past the Aberdeen Heath loading screen. It just gets stuck on the loading screen. I know at least 1 other person is stuck on the same loading screen as I am.
  4. Would love to see this guy as a mount.

    This guy looks so cool! Would love to see a mount that looks like this monster!
  5. Power level - US2

    So as a noob, I am kind of stuck in areas where there really aren't that many people playing. (Level 35, rebirthed once) I am wondering if there are any players that like to help noobs power level. I just want to reach that point where I can start participating more and also I want to be able...
  6. Christmas toys taken from my inventory.

    So just to preface I have only been playing for about a month. I am a super noob still. Yesterday I encountered a woman named Karen who was super helpful and actually inspired me to make 12 of every Christmas toy to have enough for the quests every day. She told me that's what she did to get...
  7. Ranch Animals

    Ranch animals performing a ritual to banish their owner to another dimension. :LOL:
  8. Bounty Spawn Countdown Timers on Bounty Tooltip.

    It would be extremely beneficial for players to have access to a countdown timer on bounties and bosses, especially event bounty bosses. Right now we just kind of ask in world chat and people try to be helpful but the spawn time is really just their best guess from the time it spawned last...
  9. Bag sorting

    My fifth inventory bag wont sort on android mobile version. I have to log into the PC version in order to sort it. Pretty annoying.
  10. Question about Secret Santa Event.

    I am trying to figure out how the cash shop works for this. I have 50 crowns I want to buy my secret santa person something cool like a costume or maybe a weapon costume. I am confused as to whether these items are account bound as soon as I buy them? Or are they only account bound when you use...