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  1. IrishElf

    Servers Down Monday, June 1 - Patch 4.43.1

    Thank you for reporting bugs! It helps!
  2. IrishElf

    Laptop Resolution Setting Issue?

    I play on PC in windowed mode. I always stretch the windowed screen to open it up. First sides then top, it always works well.
  3. IrishElf

    Cant run the game on new phone

    My phone did this when my wifi signal wasn't strong enough. Just a suggestion...
  4. IrishElf

    The blessings of Tianma quest

    Luckily it was made easier from when the OP posted. Many of us who were the first ones trying this quest out found it took many tries. The Devs changed it a bit to make it easier, glad to see that change worked for you :)
  5. IrishElf

    iOS Players ! URGENT: We need Bug Reports!

    This was posted by Sarah Otter, this will tell you how and why to report bugs
  6. IrishElf

    Extremely disgruntled

    I understand you all are laughing at the universal translator, but please understand you are inadvertently poking fun at the OP who might see it differently.
  7. IrishElf

    Crafting boost not renewing

    Did you bug report it? Please and thank you if you did :)
  8. IrishElf

    The Goat of US1 is Back!!

  9. IrishElf

    The Goat of US1 is Back!!

  10. IrishElf

    The Goat of US1 is Back!!

  11. IrishElf

    Elder Crowns Replacement Ideas

    Personally I love this idea and think this is a great option to explore!
  12. IrishElf

    Taking care of mom

    I was told by nursing staff, have her press on her lower abdomen to see if she feels pressure. If yes she should wait a bit. If not she's likely done.
  13. IrishElf

    Cant run the game on new phone

    I'm sorry you are having problems, can you please open a ticket with Customer Support and let them know what is happening.
  14. IrishElf

    Taking care of mom

    It IS awkward I admit, even for a daughter with a mother. I remember feeling unsure and luckily the nurses helped give hints and my Mom's home health aid also gave great tips and hints. Always remember, you are a wonderful person for helping your parent!! Even if they don't or can't tell you...
  15. IrishElf

    Taking care of mom

    If you worry she needs help, stay by her to see how she can manage. If she seems to do OK without your help but needs help walking or standing, put a bell nearby for her to use. Maybe call about getting a home health aid to help you to learn how to help her. Medicare will pay for the aids for a...
  16. IrishElf

    95s are now a pathetic joke.

    If you want to discuss the 95 elders, feel free to open another thread.
  17. IrishElf

    95s are now a pathetic joke.

    This whole thread took a hard left turn and is becoming offensive. It is so far off topic now I doubt it will find its way back on track. So I am closing it.
  18. IrishElf

    Taking care of mom

    I also just read that people with dementia/alzheimers are more susceptible to gagging on thin liquids. Just another thing to consider.
  19. IrishElf

    Zone team member has gone to bug?

    Yes, that's a funny one that's been around for a while. I'd forgotten about it :)
  20. IrishElf

    Playbalancing Raids

    I guess so people could progress from the easy to the hard as they gain experience and confidence?