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  1. IrishElf

    Reinforcement rune on lightning warrior gloves seems to be missing.

    Fury warriors have the rune that Reinforces Fury Mastery for gloves, but Lightning Warriors don't have one. Is that an oversight maybe?
  2. IrishElf

    CONGRATULATIONS on the 10th Anniversary of Closed Beta

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Today the "Ides of March" as Shakespeare called it, marks the 10th anniversary of the day Closed Beta opened for Villagers and heroes formerly known as "A Mystical Land". What a fun time it's been! Thank you for all the fun times, tests, updates, free stuff and a awesome game...
  3. IrishElf

    US1 95 elders daily run.

    Times: 1PM EDT 12PM CDT 10AM PDT Ardent time: 17:00 There has been interest in a night run so: 8 PM EDT 7 PM CDT 5 PM PDT
  4. IrishElf

    Death of a Dragon and Herbalore quests

    Once again I am stuck on the Death of a Dragon quest. I have made the rounds 2 days in a row (other times it has taken as much as a week or more) to find the dead dragon it just isn't there. I know the spots, I know where to look and have refreshed by using the wiki. For the herbalore quest I...
  5. IrishElf

    Can you please make it so PC users can see the hidden quest items names in white above them like those using mobile see?

    I am looking for items for the Herbalore quest and have hit all the spots in the wiki with no luck. I looked last night as well in case someone else gathered them at the spots I looked. This has happened a number of times for me, where I run all over the zones, sometimes for a few days with no...
  6. IrishElf

    What do you believe your classes strengths and weaknesses are?

    I am specifically asking for posts of what you believe are the strong points of your character/classes (yes each one you currently have and use) and what are the weak points as you see it. This is meant to be a personal viewpoint, your opinion of your build. It's not meant to argue others...
  7. IrishElf

    The Song Title Game Part 3

    Here we go, our trilogy For those new to the Song title game: Each new song you post will contain 1 word from the previous song posted. For instance: #1 posts: I will Survive, #2 then posts: Will you still love me tomorrow.
  8. IrishElf

    95 Elders seem bugged

    Tonight we tried to do the 95 Elders, similar group as before (no shaman this time) but after only 2 Elders this is what was on the chat box. Names were blocked for obvious reasons. But this was only 2 Elders we did. My toon had 3 chilled heart so damage was reduced for her bt 30%. Can you...
  9. IrishElf

    Chilled Blood curse

    Please either remove the Chilled Blood curse or put a timer on it. I was helping with the 95 elders and we all got cursed. That was 45 minutes ago. Right now my character still has the chilled blood curse and the only way to remove it is to call out for a priest with cure. How is that OK?
  10. IrishElf

    Why am I struggling to find the quest items?

    In The Blighted Isles I have struggled to find Herbalore and Death of a Dragon, but those are not anywhere near trying to find the last 4 drops for Sanity Salts! I have been searching all 4 zones, killing hundreds and hundreds of the required mobs and in two weeks I found 2 of the items. Today...
  11. IrishElf

    Well Wishes Diet

    Through all the years of your hard work and dedication; of listening to our whining, complaining and grousing about this or that... We have loved your work!! Gonna miss you!! Giant HUGS <3
  12. IrishElf

    About the Blighted Isles update...

    After getting to play in it for a while now, and watching others play, talk about it and make comments... BRAVO! It is a whole lot of fun, things to explore, places to see, stuff to find, ways to entertain ourselves and just plain FUN! I've also noted that your most active players, the ones...
  13. IrishElf

    3 to 5 minute warning for event zones

    A while back we used to get System messages when (for Halloween) the Incarnations would spawn and then when Druda would spawn. I was wondering if maybe you could put back some sort of 3 to 5 minute warning message they are going to spawn? Maybe just Druda? Thank you :)
  14. IrishElf

    Motes in the Blighted zones

    Can you please maybe increase the respawning of motes in the Blighted zones? According to the information on them, we will need them for crafting and such, but they are almost as rare as hens teeth LOL :)
  15. IrishElf

    Plentiful gather nodes, mobs a problem

    I've run across numerous plentiful nodes (especially in Ash White might be the same on other isles) that have mobs or bounties right next to the node and in order to stay alive you have to stop gathering to kill the mob or bounty and lose out on the gathers. Is this a bug or intentional?
  16. IrishElf

    Why aren't Zingara a shared bounty?

    Why aren't Zingara shared like other bounties? Unlike other bounty boss's, Zingara do not share unless you are in a party. This has created some issues and hard feelings in the game, many people will call out for others to come share a Zingara they found. Sometimes only a couple show up, other...
  17. IrishElf

    Please fix us still needing a party for Zingara credit

    A while ago you said you'd fix it so we didn't need a party to get Zingara credit. Many new people have no clue and while we wait for people to show up to kill the zingara as a group, new people are running in and killing them before we get a chance to party them. It's always been, "The first...
  18. IrishElf

    Mobile chat suggestion

    We were talking about mobile chat and how it is a bit difficult for some given the screen size on some equipment. Maybe make the background of the chat transparent so it won't interfere with bountying, like we can do with pc? Same with zone maps.. it's just a thought.
  19. IrishElf

    Sickle Shield and weapons gnog pack

    I really would like to buy the Sickle/weapon gnog pack we got in the daily log in gifts. I'm loving the looks and want it on my other characters!
  20. IrishElf

    From discord: Sarah OtterToday

    Sarah OtterToday @everyone -- We are taking the servers down shortly one by one to implement the compensation package for all players!