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  1. All achievements complete!

    Well, I finally got the last achievement (5,000 gnogmentations) this week! I wish I'd done the gnogmentation back before Earth and Sea, hehe. The hardest was the zog one, but took a while to do the gnogment one, too! Now, I've beat the game, what do I do next?
  2. Make dash provide some in-combat run speed boost

    I think Dash should provide a 5% boost to in-combat run speed (currently, it is 15% and only out of combat).
  3. Increase Murder damage, increase murder cooldown

    I think you should double the damage and cooldown of Murder skill for marksman. So, same overall DPS, but higher burst damage. (could increase mana cost, too, if balance ideas warrant it). There are a few reasons I think this would be nice: 1. Give for more flavor to the subclass of burst...
  4. Wow, got gold on Jacinda, but silver on Baldok

    Pretty crazy, right? She just didn't move. She stayed in the same spot 3 times and then was dead, haha! Had 65 seconds left on Jacinda, was 5 seconds late on Baldok and got silver. Weird. A pleasant surprise to get that lucky.
  5. Cows

  6. Total Damage and DPS not lining up as expected on charts?

    So, I was looking at some charts and ran into a weird situation. I videoed a run where it took 434 seconds. The total damage chart said 35.7 million. The Damage per second chart said 67.1k Now.. if you take 35.7 million and divide by 434 seconds you get 82,258... I would understand if the...
  7. Playbalance seem weird when you socket more than 5 active runes on weapon

    I know we've talked a lot about "oh no, hybrid is better than pure spec at everything!", and this appears to be true (or at least having runes of both specs seems to be better in every way). And I feel like it's because each subclass only has 8 active rune choices for the weapon, and 7 slots...
  8. Green Fire at end of Meghrin fight everywhere

    So, I've noticed this a few times now: at the end of the Meghrin fight, if you have more than X people (24 people seemed to trigger it, but could be a lower number, too), the entire floor is covered in green fire. With fewer people, there are large safe areas. The graphics are bad with that...
  9. LFG - Grogul swamp

    Yes, I am Looking for Goggles for grogul swamp. I went swimming there and couldn't see a thing! Please send tell if you have goggles you can sell me for grogul. Grogul Goggles.
  10. Scaled version of lowbie elders?

    One thing I was thinking during the livestream when Damon said his favorite boss fight was fanella is that I've never really fought that fight.... By the time I was 80, lvl 90's would carry you through that fight. The lvl 85 elders were still challenging and you needed some strategy to do...
  11. It's ok to use sockets :D

    I wanted to post saying that it's ok to use sockets! I have heard people saying they are going to save all their sockets until they are level 95 with 5 rebirths. And.... that's crazy! :D Maybe don't use too many sockets for the first few levels, but definitely start socketting out your...
  12. I need YOU to schedule some dungeon runs

    Hey folks, especially US2 folks, I've run a weekly dungeon run for a bit here, and it's been tons of fun! It seems like our server wants some more dungeon runs, but are a little timid about "making it happen". I know a lot of this is because they are hard, and that's true. But, a lot of it...
  13. Oh Brother Corpus!

    We are twins! He looks older because he embraces more shadow magic and that robs you of years.
  14. Solo Heroic Halls of Salvation - 2 zings - Round 2

    Some people may remember when I soloed the easy version of heroic halls of salvation: Nearly a year ago, in March, 2019, soloed with no zings. Well, I set a goal to solo it the day Diet made it harder...
  15. Sprig's "Corrupt Seminarian" Build and user manual

    Click here to read the backstory of Sprig's descent into Shadowy corruption to buy power! (In choose your own Adventure format.) Sprig levelled as a holy priest = smite, holy bolt, heal, divine hammer when the 1 extra socket cost didn't seem extravagant. An extra mace with holy bolt, heal...
  16. Descent into Shadow 2b - Don't start here

    Don't start here, this is a continuation: Start here
  17. Descent into Shadow 2A - Don't start here.

    Don't start here, this is a continuation: Start here
  18. Descent into Shadow 1B - Don't start here.

    Don't start here, this is a continuation: Start here
  19. Descent into Shadow - 1A Don't start here.

    Don't start here, this is a continuation: Start here
  20. Choose your own adventure: Descent into Shadow START HERE

    You sprint through the decrepit ruins of the Halls of Salvation, heart pounding. You are barely ahead of them! I should have listened to Nadia. you think to yourself. This was too dangerous to do alone. The risen servants of Meghrin the Fire Lord are catching up with you, and the pathway...