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  1. Myst

    More storage OR higher stacks PLEASE!

    1) While we have the 28 storage vaults, 30 would be a nice round number. 2) Toys take up a lot of storage. I don't collect them for just this reason and still have 3/4 of a vault's worth... I don't even want to imagine what the majority who DO collect them have saved up. 3) Gear and weapons held...
  2. Myst

    Friend Requests

    I have bug reported that these are coming in with no name but thought I'd post the fact as well in case anyone wonders why their requests may not always be accepted now.
  3. Myst

    Broken fishing node

    After several failed bug report attempts, I am reporting here: In Ardent, I am unable to gather the lvl 5 Bluegill location 109 -119 63. I verified that my pole wasn't broken and I tried from several different position. My toon just stands there with pole in hand. Tried the spot next to it and...
  4. Myst

    Does anyone still have pictures?

    Clipped this from another thread as it reminded me of a thread in the old forum where players posted pictures of old Ardent. All my pictures were lost when my computer died but I am wondering if anyone else still has any? Others might also like to see how far the game has evolved.
  5. Myst

    PC vs Mobile

    A group of us were brainstorming after a confusing chat trying to answer a new player's question and came up with one possible solution. Could the interface (hope that's the word I want) be changed to indicate in chat what device that player has logged into so it shows something like: [PC Player...