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  1. Monilune

    Artwork Suggestion: Mount, pet, costume etc :)

    Can't wait to see more ideas, amd sure thing will do :love: (y):geek:
  2. Monilune

    Artwork Suggestion: Mount, pet, costume etc :)

    Whoaa! Nice ideas and talent! :love: i loved everything but man i need that flower crown now! And that phoenix to ride yess!! I was thinking of doing the same as you and sketch some ideas as well :geek:
  3. Monilune

    Nyxxe , EU1

    my sincere condolences... this was shocking, Nyxxe was such a sweet person, full of joy and humor, may she rest in peace, and my prayers goes to you, her friends, and family :cry:🙏❤
  4. Monilune

    Favorite Elder Boss Battles

    I like Event elders the most, and my absolute favorite are the twilight vale elders, I like that the run in this event is different with the ladder system, I like that it makes each class important, It doesn't depends on the number of players as much as it depends on the variety of classes...