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  1. Ekimie

    Phone gather info

    I don't normally play on phone, but I wasn't home and got bored so I opened the app and did some questing and gathering. Because I normally play pc I missed a few things now, like being able to see what my level was and how far it got, and quickly changing supplies mid gather. Now you can only...
  2. Ekimie

    Game suggestions

    Okay so I dont really like making a new post for every idea so I kept the title general so I can just add on here if I think of something new... During the livestream I was directed to the forum with my suggestion, so here goes: It would be really nice if there was a hotkey to show the levels...
  3. Ekimie

    Vault sorting

    During Diet's Let's Play livestream today the topic of Vault sorting came up, it had been a "Saturday Project" of Diet. It was mentioned how either you absolutely love it, or absolutely hate it. I am in the hate camp, because it throws off my appreciation of order (half the Elder essences in...
  4. Ekimie

    Memes to keep Moral up

    Hi all! The Event Committee has found a way to fill the gap the game is leaving in our daily schedules. Thinking about events we can do now, and when the game is back up! One we came up with is this one. As the title suggests, we'd like to see your best memes. They can be about everything! We...
  5. Ekimie

    Ability to see quests from party members

    I was thinking today, that it would be helpful to be able to see quests from party members. Not all of them of course, but quests like the kill 4x 100 mobs in Dartrey one, just 1 quest at time. Perhaps it could be made possible to drag such a quest from your own track bar onto the party list...
  6. Ekimie

    Just to share

    Okay I needed a topic where we can just SHARE random stuff we did, or made, or want to set straight in this case....