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  1. Myst

    Servers Down Weds, April 1

    So when do bunnies hit the store?
  2. Myst

    Bunny Mount WINNERS!

  3. Myst

    US3 Mote Seller Prices and Locations

    The prices I see on US1 match these from US3.
  4. Myst

    blight mote loot drop rate

    I can easily see them when they are there, they're simply aren't there often TO see. A quicker respawn will hopefully help.
  5. Myst


    I saw the title and thought you were posting about wizard's spellbooks (corresponds to priest's specter). I don't think the same item should be used in different capacities dependent on class.
  6. Myst

    Tamed Zombie Mount

    Yeah, after reading this thread I went to check it out and came to the same conclusion. Glad the mystery was solved.
  7. Myst

    Fan Friday Fan Friday March 20-27

    If there was time, the flower crown would be absolutely amazing as a gift from Vale but I doubt the males would agree ;) It's something even I would buy from shop though if it was added.
  8. Myst

    blight mote loot drop rate

    Finding them is the biggest problem so I am happy to see that addressed as well as the drop rate. Thank you!
  9. Myst

    Tamed Zombie Mount

    Well, no. There is a vendor in Oblivion that doesn't seem to be working. If reputation is high enough to get mounts but the Mount Vendor in Oblivion isn't working, I do hope someone bug reported it. I have little interest in mounts so I haven't tried.
  10. Myst

    Livestream Teasers and Darrig Key info

    Actually, because it is in the Community section it isn't super obvious. I first looked all over the Villagers and Heroes section before remembering it would be an Event.
  11. Myst

    New Teaser Revealed!

    See for yourself (21:00 is the start of BUNNIES):
  12. Myst

    More storage OR higher stacks PLEASE!

    As for as #4, I had started this quest a couple years ago and had combined scraps. Sixteen months later I am finally able to afford a new computer and come back to find that losing combined scraps was an intentional change. I agree that rebirthing should not cause you to lose ITEMS; there's a...
  13. Myst

    More storage OR higher stacks PLEASE!

    1) While we have the 28 storage vaults, 30 would be a nice round number. 2) Toys take up a lot of storage. I don't collect them for just this reason and still have 3/4 of a vault's worth... I don't even want to imagine what the majority who DO collect them have saved up. 3) Gear and weapons held...
  14. Myst

    US1 95 elders daily run.

    We have a popular time for servers being brought down. :giggle:
  15. Myst

    Stat Recalibration Library

    This idea sounds like it could work much like the Wardrobe.
  16. Myst

    Elder restoration bug?

    About a week or so ago I had bought a fire staff with medallions that was guaranteed to be a minimum rarity of rare but was uncommon instead. I submitted a customer service ticket and got my medallions returned but was afraid to retry. Something is off somewhere.
  17. Myst

    Pendant From The Depths quest

    Pygmies is the name you are looking for.
  18. Myst

    Hey! Newbie here and I've got a few questions.

    Crowns can be earned. Check out Fan Friday here on Forum, under Fan Content
  19. Myst

    Patch 4.40.4 (Servers Down Monday, March 16th)

    I really don't like this change. I have only been looting (looking for those elusive scraps ;)) and there is WAY too much movement. Besides feeling slightly ill watching the screen, I usually end up clicking on something I didn't want.
  20. Myst

    Cannot Reactivate A Hidden Quest!

    As XMerlindaX pointed out in an earlier post, you can submit a customer service ticket by selecting "Other" as your topic.