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  1. Felonius

    New (potential) player has some questions before playing

    While you can really play through the whole game without spending a dime and most of the shop items are cosmetic, there are a few things that are not cosmetic to buy that make the game much better. First of all there is the speed items that make you run faster. Then there is the bags and...
  2. Felonius

    When Will It Get Fixed?

    I've noticed this happens when you are trying to plant or water too quickly. If you wait until it starts the animation of planting or watering before moving on to the next spot it almost never happens. This is a very old bug and has been around since I've been playing, almost 6 years, and it's...
  3. Felonius

    Thank you Otters!

    I am an extreme introvert with social anxiety and even I have found a home here in this game. I found this game almost 6 years ago while I was looking through Steam Greenlight for something interesting. I normally avoid multiplayer games completely, but this being non PvP and the description...
  4. Felonius

    Ding-Dong Dash!

    Thank you for the fun event. I was able to fight off my social anxiety to participate and got some really nice treats as a reward. Thank you so much to the people opening their villages to us and giving out treats and to the Otters for hosting the event.
  5. Felonius

    This is not the right location

    I call those hide and seek quests and they are the worst quests in the game. They really didn't start until Coille was introduced and now there is a lot of them. They are just a pain to do and you don't even get a sense of accomplishment when you finish them, just relief that it's over until...
  6. Felonius

    The Haunted Moors (4.32) Patch Notes

    Not really complaining, just letting you know that with the way that you have gathering in the wild now it will filter a lot of us into gathering in the village and with all the people suddenly all working on 90s at once there is going to be some fighting. It might be a good idea to put some...
  7. Felonius

    Why is there NO PvP >:|

    You express your viewpoint and if we post something that opposes it you call us names and say we are being ridiculous. You are doing nothing but being hostile and proving my point which is doing nothing to change the minds of people who are against PvP, it actually just makes our viewpoint...
  8. Felonius

    Why is there NO PvP >:|

    As I have explained in several posts about this topic which you pushers just ignore is that it will bring hostility to the game. You being so hostile to our views just pushes that point home. I have played lots of multiplayer games and the majority of them have had hostile player bases, all...
  9. Felonius

    Why is there NO PvP >:|

    Why are a very small minority of people pushing so hard for something that the vast majority of the player base has made it very clear that they don't want. That is what bring these posts down to name calling. We respect your viewpoints and explain ours and the same few people bring the same...
  10. Felonius

    Why is there NO PvP >:|

    Here we go again with the same people making the same arguments and getting us nowhere. This game has been around for 8 years without PvP and it doesn't need it. How many PvP games have come and gone since then? The simple fact that this game does not have PvP has drawn a lot of players to it...
  11. Felonius

    VAULT vs CHEST: What's the difference?

    The right vault is the one you get when you get your house. The left ones are the ones you buy. The middle two are the shared vaults, one you can buy and one you get from the membership.
  12. Felonius

    Poll: Should PvP be added?

    Most of the people who play this game regularly was attracted to the game specifically because it's not PvP and continue playing because of that. Continuing to badger us that YOU think the game would be better with it and not giving any proof other than your opinion will not change that. Just...
  13. Felonius

    Poll: Would you want a housing feature ?

    I really don't see this ever happening, but I don't care either way. It really wouldn't add all that much to the game and would take up game resources and the game is laggy enough as it is. Not only that the devs would have to take time to program all of that and would take away from the time...
  14. Felonius

    PVP system ???

    I have been a gamer for a long time, more than 35 years, and I love gaming but usually hate multi-player games because of the hostility of the players. Even in a lot of PvE games the player base is very hostile and every PvP game I have ever tried has been so. I play games to get away from the...
  15. Felonius

    Rebooting Servers Saturday July 27

    And US1 is down again.
  16. Felonius


    On our server the players take pride in being friendly and helpful. There is almost always someone to answer questions and help with elders. If there is a player that is what you call "being ugly" we just won't help them and ignore them and eventually they either straighten up their act or...
  17. Felonius

    New Royal Guardians!

    Thank you, it wasn't a big issue, but I appreciate being recognized. :)
  18. Felonius

    New Royal Guardians!

    Congratulation to all. On the topic of Royal Guardians, I have noticed that they get a special tag in the forums showing that they are Royal Guardians. I have the privilege of being one myself, but it does not show it in the forums. I would like it to be shown in the forums that I am a Royal...
  19. Felonius

    4.28 - A Tale Of Earth And Sea

    I don't know whether to put this under bugs, or under here since the update changed it, but since I think the change was intentional I will put it here. The priest ultimate feat Condemn no longer single pulls monsters and now just draws the whole mob. I understand you have a new trinket feat...
  20. Felonius

    i can't connet us2 server

    I giess the servers are down, I can't log-in either.