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  1. KAVE

    Rune Rarity on UI

    Instead of taking the level and "roll rarity" of a rune and combining them into a new rune level, how about we separate the level and rarity into distinct parts? The current one can be quite confusing to players as seen below: How is this rune level X? Is a common question players ask when...
  2. KAVE

    Game Balance

    Disclaimer: This thread's intention is to get various perspectives on a topic which effects us all. Let's please keep it civil! Balance has become a fairly prevalent topic in other posts, so I figured it would be useful to create a consolidated thread of feedback. This thread will focus on...
  3. KAVE

    The Villager Quest

    We have a fantastic main quest-line which spans a variety of zones, introduces interesting characters, provides us with useful rewards and puts the writing of other MMO's to shame. The Hero side of the game is doing quite well in regards to quests. The Villager side, however, could use a little...
  4. KAVE

    A New Take on Villages

    Let's set the stage. You're a casual player who has been steadily building your public town's projects over the past few years when suddenly a large Guild shows up at your doorstop. They swoop in and claim any empty housing lots and privatize the town, locking you out of the very Vault you spent...
  5. KAVE

    Notification UI

    Instead of notifications taking real estate directly in the center of our screen, how about in the small corner on the top-right? Then, maybe players could click on it to expand as well. At least over here it wouldn't get in the way. I know we can disable notifications, but I do find them...
  6. KAVE

    Level Requirement

    Can we have 1 static level requirement for bounties and Elders please? Either 5 or 10 levels under the enemy's level perhaps. I was running Forgotten Reservoir as a level 11 and didn't get credit for a level 20 bounty because it required level 12. I've been running the same rebirth route for...
  7. KAVE

    Boss Mechanics

    Combat is a major portion of any MMORPG and half the namesake for the game. Thus, it's important for combat to be engaging, challenging and rewarding for each individual. This can be difficult to achieve since everyone has different skill levels and their own definition of entertainment. Some...
  8. KAVE

    Pet Placement

    I enjoy having my pets follow me around, but can their placement be adjusted to be slightly to our left / right or further to the rear? As it is, they stand directly underneath my mount, so I can almost never see them.
  9. KAVE

    Elder Boss Guide

    The following guide will provide details as to the locations, requirements, rewards and strategies for each of the Elder Bosses within Villagers and Heroes. Elders are primarily group-based content, and when I discuss strategies I will do so with the assumption that there is not a higher level...
  10. KAVE

    Heroic Halls of Salvation Guide

    Spoiler Warning! For those of you who wish to figure out the dungeon mechanics on your own, I would avoid reading this thread. If any information is missing or incorrect please let me know. If you have other tips and tricks you would like added, post them below and I can edit it in. Feel free...
  11. KAVE

    Surging Howl

    Instead of raising Intellect for 60 seconds, how would you all feel if it raised Will instead? Seems odd that surging howl would increase my max mana. I normally use it when I'm low on mana, so it doesn't have any effect.
  12. KAVE

    Dungeon Ideas

    I'd love to hear some of your ideas for future Dungeons. Take an existing zone and transform it into a Dungeon! Heroic Cathedral Before we move into the mechanics of this zone, I will point out that this Dungeon would have to be instanced in order for the following mechanics to function...
  13. KAVE

    Ardent Tavern Podcasts

    For those who want to listen in on some of the Discord discussions we've been having lately the Youtube Channel is The Ardent Tavern. Shout-out to @Priest Daimheach , @PlatinumPlatypus , @Imp , @Zazie , @WarEdge , @Deri , @Caraldor Loxana Luther , @Imtabled2 , @DeadlyRed and all the other...
  14. KAVE

    Questions for Otter Sean

    With the transition into V&H's new Game Designer Sean, I think it would be beneficial for the community to get to know him and vice versa. I bet the Otter team is extremely busy right now with the next build and saying farewells to Diet, so I am just leaving this out there for if / when they get...
  15. KAVE

    Ardent Society Exclusive Items

    Watching the Live-stream and wanted to mention this: Perhaps display the exclusive mounts, toys, pets etc. gained from Ardent Society in the item shop's Ardent Society tab and 'lock' them so that players can't purchase them, but can at least view them. This is so players can get a glimpse of...
  16. KAVE

    Scaled Zones

    What types of scaled zones would you all be interested in? Some ideas from the past: Survival Tower Set up similar to the Twilight Vale Ladder, this would be a series of bosses that players would fight one by one. Defeating one boss teleports the group to the next. Each is more difficult than...
  17. KAVE

    Guild Suggestions (Necro)

    A recent poll suggested that players would be interested in some of the following features for Guilds: I'll quote one of my old threads on this topic rather than rewrite it all.
  18. KAVE

    Master List of KAVE's Guides

    This thread will serve as a hub for any previous and future guides I am working on. The purpose is to reduce some of my clutter in the sticky section and to create a single concentrated spot to quickly find links to what you're looking for instead. Guide Link Progress New Player Guide...
  19. KAVE

    Thank you Otters!

    Dear Otters, we the community would like you all to know how much your work and effort means to us. Through the thick and thin, you always strive to deliver the best possible experience for your players. While we may criticize certain things, deep down there is no other game we would rather be...
  20. KAVE

    Rune Level

    It is very difficult to tell when runes become outdated. Can we have a section in the description with the standard rune level? There is some empty space right next to the rune's name. This would apply to all types of runes, from spells, reinforcement runes and augmentation runes. It would be a...