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  1. Stenlar1970

    Current Contest (12 Day Event) V&H Christmas Songs

    Stenlar (US3) The Best MMO (AKA: Let It Snow) When the weather outside is frightful, And you need a community to go to thats delightful, When theres really no place to go, Go to VnH, the best MMO. You can stop to elders on Monday, With Legends and many guilds help its not so frightening, When...
  2. Stenlar1970

    Thank you Otters!

    Thank you Otters for all the help and patience. Thick and thin you guys strived to keep us happy. It is such an honor to be a part of this community. There is no mmorpg that compares. Sten (US3)
  3. Stenlar1970

    The Surge of the Shaman Challenge!

    Congrats awesome job!!