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  1. IoOvOo

    Game Balance

    After devs changed Poison shot into Noxious shot in plague lord, top Nature hunters no longer deal as twice dmg as wizards (fire or hybrid) deal. But still we can hardly catch up with nature hunters. Shadow priests are very rare on EU1. Weird thing is that now for single target damage, Lightning...
  2. IoOvOo

    Game Balance

    Here comes a wizard😉 Level 95 wizard from EU1, hybrid currently. Most of my answers will be from a wizard's perspect. I'm answering this during the sugarsweet event, after some changes for lightning and earth. Hope my terrible grammar and spelling wouldn't bother u. What are your thoughts on the...
  3. IoOvOo

    Poll: Which are cuter Sheep or chickens?

    Otters. Topic is closed.
  4. IoOvOo

    Nyxxe , EU1

    We have decided to change our village name to Nyxxe in memory of her. The happiness she brought to us will be here forever. 🏘
  5. IoOvOo

    Nyxxe , EU1

    I'm very sorry for ur loss, Ori. I kept typing and deleting here. Out of words. Nyxxe is one of my best friends in V&H. Same guild, talk and tease every day. In the past a few months I could feel her illness was getting worse through her words and her rare online time. But she never said...
  6. IoOvOo

    New Nature Talent is OP

    This is why I'm expecting a topic 'the wizard character in the eye of a hunter' xd. I tried my best with nearly best gears I could get but could only deal ~60% dmg compared to top nature hunters. Wizards can't find our place in the team currently. When running dungeons or 95elders, I feel I'm...
  7. IoOvOo

    What is the most useful talent?

    For wizard, Frostfire and its ultimate without doubt 😉
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    lol thank u but the translation is so weird :ROFLMAO: Translations of my opinion is here: 1.Pay isn't a 'must' and there are lots of players who have reached max lvl. Because of the rebirth xp buff, ardent membership would not make lvling up twice faster, but much less than twice. And it's...
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    辛苦(y) 但我还是忍不住反驳两点:unsure: 1."不肝不氪的可以卸载了"“不买会员满级的玩家几乎没有” 。。完全不需要充值,休闲的话也不用肝,也就采集比较耗时。没有会员满级的人可太多了。。 会员加成100%是加不是乘2,因为转生有经验加成所以远没有2倍快。手工也没有2倍,只有采集接近2倍。 2.“双修垃圾” 仅对只有少量天赋点的新人来说:unsure:
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    The title means 'A Tutorial to all Chinese Players', so translation isn't necessary. 🤪
  11. IoOvOo

    Patch 4.38 Live!

    Yeti mounts purchased in the store are now tradeable :unsure:
  12. IoOvOo

    Chilled Blood curse

    This debuff has been in game since HoS. Why it has never been complained until now :unsure:
  13. IoOvOo

    What's the deal with Grave Bolt?

    Condemn can no longer do that now, and lightning bolt either.
  14. IoOvOo

    Warrior equality from the eyes of a shaman

    Class roll types are necessary but maybe allowing each subclass being able to choose different roles would be better. For example, as a lightning warrior he can choose to be a dmg dealer as well. However the talents should be redesigned carefully so that when he chose to be a dmg dealer he...
  15. IoOvOo

    Warrior equality from the eyes of a shaman

    :unsure:Personally I think lightning warriors, shadow priests, water shaman and wizards are well-balanced now, while nature hunters, holy priests are overpowered. Fury warriors and marksman hunter needs more power. Earth shaman's threat generation is too efficient but other things are fine. IMO...
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    New player looking for a tips in building ice wizard.

    Asked in game too, so sharing my build here :D
  17. IoOvOo

    Ability tooltips preview

    Is it possible to add some descriptions at the bottom? For Ice javalin, for example, 'wizards still haven't found out why this works even on ice elementals' or 'Calypso invented this spell when she was only 6 years old', etc. I like this sort of things in the description of items making the game...
  18. IoOvOo

    New “actions” or emoticons

    I want 'lie down'. I mean, lying down alive.:unsure:
  19. IoOvOo

    Mythic Blighted Recipes

    In case all people are lazy to craft them, a spoiler here...
  20. IoOvOo

    New player looking for a tips in building ice wizard.

    me neither lol. don't worry about this, ur grammars are certainly better than mine considering my mother tongue :ROFLMAO: