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  1. Mutsie

    Gathering in Traven and Pyrron

    A long while back a lot of gathering nodes were moved from zones in Traven and Pyrron, and since then we had Thriving Isles and Stone Gardens as dedicated gathering zones, where people could gather in safety without having to battle their way or defend their spot against mobs nearby. When...
  2. Mutsie

    Guild Christmas Cards/Photo's

    For every guild in game that likes to send a card to everyone else: Here's the place to do it if you wish! Noble Spirits from EU1 wishes everyone Merry Grinchmas and a happy new year! (more images might be added later, since not everyone could make it at the same time today)
  3. Mutsie

    Game: Music Is The Answer

    So as we've reached a massive amount of posts on the song title game, I thought it would be nice to introduce a new music themed forum game where we can share our funny songs. It's a Question and Answer game, where the answers are presented in the form of existing songs. Post your answer in the...
  4. Mutsie

    EU1 (eu-en) Server - Events

    Use this thread to announce any player organized events, independant from the eventcomittee, that are planned on EU1 server. Please state which kind of event you plan to host (crafting, elder hunts, dungeon runs, any goofy gatherings) Just do include a date, time (and requirements that...
  5. Mutsie

    The Song Title Game (pt2)

    The rules are simple: Every Next Song's title has to contain at least one full word of the previous posted song title. So here ya go with this message: Spirit Of The Age - Hawkwind