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  1. Giruv

    What do you believe your classes strengths and weaknesses are?

    Warrior Strength : very tanky, have great damage, have good damage/mana used (fury), and have flexible built. Weakness: - simply being a melee, which make me got hit with lot of AoE stun and debuff, hitting and changing target is hard (especially because of the pathing bug), - hard to...
  2. Giruv

    Game Balance

    My main is a level 95 warrior, i keep switching around the talent/built because i really enjoy doing it, right now trying out DPS lightning warrior. I play all other class, but they're still stuck at round lvl 60-80 because I don't really enjoy doing the grind again, so just play them when they...
  3. Giruv

    Warrior equality from the eyes of a shaman

    @Kitty the Hunter I agree with everything you say and just as what my previous post say I don't intend to change any class DPS, just want to make warrior easier to play
  4. Giruv

    Warrior equality from the eyes of a shaman

    On this part I beg to differ, on most other game that is true, but at this game right now for warrior it is not true because we can still tank everything without sacrificing our DPS, in fact we can sacrifice our defense for more DPS and still tank through everything. That is my point too and I...
  5. Giruv

    Warrior equality from the eyes of a shaman

    But even if warrior can maintain aggro, it is just not effective, because other class can tank too and still have higher damage as well, which make there are no point on having a dedicated tank and based on how most group content boss scaled to number of players, having more than one lightning...
  6. Giruv

    Warrior equality from the eyes of a shaman

    The first thing I usually asked #1 damage dealer if the difference is that big is how many mana pot did they use? And usually it will be astounding how many mana pot that they use. On the current game condition stats and talent won't make much difference, since stats have diminishing return and...
  7. Giruv

    [Housing] What is that Foundation paint? How to acquire it? [Solved]

    you can still mix and match your house style and get extra option by buying the paint set, roof set, ect. The only things that got taken out is the buff from using specific house type.
  8. Giruv

    seed stack size

    I don't understand the relation between stack size and less clicking. Do you mean increase the amount of seed you can buy at once? but for that part i think most player prefer it the way it is now since it prevents accidentally buying more seed than what we need. Reverting the seed vendor UI to...
  9. Giruv

    Warrior equality from the eyes of a shaman

    I think it will be cooler if when activated You absorb 15% of damage done to you allies. I think that's one of the good way to take advantage of warrior tankiness, because as of right now building super tanky warrior is just bad since it have no purposes. This can also help when a party have...
  10. Giruv

    [Event St Valentine] Searching for candy

    Event zone supposed to be a place to just have fun, so don't do things you don't enjoy and do things at your own pace as you see fit. You can just do them as you find them there are still a lot of time left. In my opinion this EZ reward is priced really generously you can totally skip all the...
  11. Giruv

    [Guide] Sugarsweet Summit

    Great guide, thank you very much Neia!
  12. Giruv

    The male characters sit on the mounts at a wrong angle

    Protective measure against the bumping I guess :sneaky:
  13. Giruv

    New Nature Talent is OP

    I believe that's not a thing anymore. DoT damage should be individual right now so the same type of DoT won't overide each other. The proof of that is the same DoT heavy class often have highest damage output like number 1,2 and 3, which should be impossible if their DoT overide each other. For...
  14. Giruv

    Sick and tired of it.

    It's not ideal, but like some others i felt like it is best to just ignore(put minimal effort) EZ the first few days its launched since it always the most chaotic at that time. Also think the main reward (mount) is pretty easy to get this time so skipping here and there should be fine I think...
  15. Giruv

    New Interface

    yeah that works well too. The name used to be above the drop, right now its right on top of the item which make us can't see the icon
  16. Giruv

    Patch 4.39 - Sugarsweet Summit

    It's definetly a nerf which gonna lower hunter AoE damage by quite a lot, but it still gonna be the best AoE feat in the game
  17. Giruv

    Quick - swap weapons

    We used to be able to do this too by putting gear to the quick slot, tho if you changed it in the middle of battle you get some cooldown penalty. After the bug which picking up loot make them get into the quick slot somehow we can't do it anymore.
  18. Giruv

    Patch 4.39 - Sugarsweet Summit

    Just after starfall we were really OP and then the nerf hit which probably the biggest nerf ever in this game which reduce our damage by around 75% and then another nerf which reduce block cooldown reduction, we got some little buff here and there but in then end we only can do around 50% of...
  19. Giruv

    Bonus XP weekends or something.

    Personally I kinda don't understand what is the problem with leveling up slowly or what is the point of leveling up fast? I think the problem is that how leveling become repetitive and boring pretty quickly considering how limited the number of things we can do to level up, probably about 90% of...
  20. Giruv

    Patch 4.39 - Sugarsweet Summit

    That's kinda what i'm afraid of too, but after thinking more about it probably they do some changes like on the rune of warriors armor or something else like the "bug"on those two feat since adding the threat to thunderbolt and lightning bolt feat through augmentation rune doesn't change the...