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  1. Giruv

    Possible Bug with Threat and/or Threat charts

    Just tried things at EZ, seem like there is possible bug with threat or threat chart? on the chart I clearly have lot more threats and a bit more damage than the others but somehow grinch still go after the others for a few seconds? ps: already sent bug report but that only include the...
  2. Giruv

    A Friendly Favor Blight Bay Daily Quest

    This quest ask to help every person on the island (do all the daily quest), but we have to do all of them at once, if we done some of the quest and then take those quest again in the next day, the progress for that quest is reset, so we are kinda forced to do all of those dailies in one day to...
  3. Giruv

    Blighed Isle Recipe

    I wonder why are the recipe from the recipe vendor here is soulbound unlike the one at Zorian Marshland, is it bug or intended? I can see the pros and cons of them being soulbound... If it is please make the recipe at vendor behave like key vendor, so once we bought the recipe they become...
  4. Giruv

    Finding Quest in Blighed Isle

    So there 3 type of quest that ask us to find item that I've found so far and more often than not they're annoying instead of engaging and fun. Looking for loot Most of this type of quest are fine, but I'm annoyed at the quest that give us loot and then we have to use the loot and hope we get...
  5. Giruv

    List of things that should be changed or adjusted

    It's kinda early, but i already found some of the changes pretty intriguing. So let's make a list about these things. Ranch tools price (at level 90 the price is too high to the point i'm not sure if using it for golden sheep will still give profit) Some classes' gear somehow have higher gold...
  6. Giruv

    Lvl 85 Elder Update

    Ok here we go again. After the update the update the lvl 85 elders have become much easier, even easier than before they're buffed at least 3 of them are. From the previous iteration where they're buffed I learn that its OK that they're "easy", but it shouldn't let us able to bypass the combat...
  7. Giruv

    Balance Changes Opinion and Suggestion

    So the recent balance changes was something that i was wanted but somehow felt wrong. It felt like I've been starving, haven't eat anything for a very long time, then someone give me a food, but it's something that allergic for me. Will I eat it? I think so. Will I enjoy it? may be... but...
  8. Giruv

    V&H Crossword Malicious Miscreant Edition

    So I post this crossword at fan friday.... last month... and after that i forgot to post the answer. So here are the answers It is a pretty hard one since you might need to do the whole malicious miscreant quest line twice before solving this. So congratulation to anyone that manage to solve...
  9. Giruv

    Pinbone hat gnogpack

    Anyone remember what are the hat gnogpack you get from pinbone? If possible both name & picture
  10. Giruv

    What game if you crossover it with V&H will make your ideal game?

    What game or may be movie, anime, manga with game theme if you crossover it with V&H will make your ideal game? Why or what aspect you want to be added to V&H? I personally will enjoy if V&H merge with Monster Hunter/Dauntless, i want a lot of thing from those title, but the few things i like...
  11. Giruv

    Normal mobs

    The bounty system in this game is pretty interesting and make grinding a little less grindy, but on the other hand this make normal mob that is non bounty overshadowed and make players sees them as a hurdle and want avoid them. I believe normal mob have lot of potential and if done right can...
  12. Giruv

    Water Shaman Guide

    Spell Rune Guide All Spell cast range is 40 m, (including tidal wave 40 m AoE) SLD = standard level damage, SLH = standard level heal, both have the same value, multiplier deviation 0.05 Damaging Abilities : Name SLD Multiplier Cool Down(second) Mana Cost Cast Time (second) Source Water...
  13. Giruv

    The one class that got nerfed

    Just a rant about my favorite class fury warrior. - fury warrior get 10% extra damage for each active DoT we applied to the enemy, with bleed, sanguine ice, and infection gone we lost 30% damage potential (30% is just an exaggeration but hope you get the point) - reckless behavior change, it...
  14. Giruv

    Bug report error again?

    It's been a few days that i can't send bug report, is it only me or the bug report is down again?
  15. Giruv

    Make the vault layout for mobile and pc look the same

    The different vault layout on pc and mobile make a tidy arrangement in village vault or player that play cross platform really hard, this issue has been around since wellspring and i think it's not that hard to fix, because you already know the cause. The way you put background color to item in...
  16. Giruv

    Toy Maker Can't Share their Toy parts

    Why toy part part is untradable now, we used to be able to put them at village vault and it was something like a tradition in our village, and now we have to make 4 each day instead of 1 which mean this will help even more villager, wish you can change this back