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  1. KAVE

    Game Balance

    Continuation of my answers... I have one character of every sub-class but I don't play them all religiously. Some I haven't touched for 2 years. Some abilities that come to mind are Shadow Orbs detonation and Mana Fire... This will need some more time, research and experimentation to actually...
  2. KAVE

    Battle polar bear thoughts

    I would also really like if the bear would bound / leap when it ran. Please consider adding this animation if possible
  3. KAVE

    Game Balance

    Yes I'm replying to myself! Also, I've added 2 new questions to the OP. Thanks to those who've replied so far! I've found it to be dangerously slow paced. Players at this level normally rotate between 3 - 4 spells unless they're willing to dish out extra sockets. Combat feels sluggish as...
  4. KAVE

    Warrior equality from the eyes of a shaman

    Chart from a 95 Elder Run. No tank needed. The Fury and Shadow were tanking from what I heard. I wasn't there... no lightning warriors were needed. I also heard they got gold every time. The disparity between the participants is galling. Remember, all of these players are level 95.
  5. KAVE

    Warrior equality from the eyes of a shaman

    Fairly simple solution: How about, instead of: 1 damage point = 1 threat point We change it to: 1 damage point = 0.5 threat This will effectively cut DPS threat in half without hurting their damage output in any way, while helping warriors maintain aggro. Bandaid fix. Not my favorite type...
  6. KAVE

    Elder Boss Guide

    I've just updated Post # 4 with information about the 95 Elders. I've yet to add information about the Dungeon / bounty portion of the run as well as the rewards. This focuses mostly on boss strategies. Please post suggestions or feedback
  7. KAVE

    delete thread please

    I wouldn't claim all veterans are this way, but I do believe that there is some resistance to change. The goal of the suggestions section is garner ideas and show support for those you agree with. We're not the ones who judge whether or not an idea is beyond the limitations of the development...
  8. KAVE

    Game Balance

    Disclaimer: This thread's intention is to get various perspectives on a topic which effects us all. Let's please keep it civil! Balance has become a fairly prevalent topic in other posts, so I figured it would be useful to create a consolidated thread of feedback. This thread will focus on...
  9. KAVE

    Warrior equality from the eyes of a shaman

    This is a chart for the duration of the Benedicta Battle in Heroic Cloister. Note that the damage is only for Benedicta's encounter, and not for the entire Dungeon run. All numbers are in the millions. I am # 6, the Lightning Warrior. For my class I feel like I'm dealing pretty decent damage. I...
  10. KAVE

    V&H Discord Server

    I would suggest trying to download the client and checking if the issue persists. It may be a browser problem
  11. KAVE

    New Nature Talent is OP

    Who should be next, priests? šŸ¤£
  12. KAVE

    Warrior equality from the eyes of a shaman

    I think Lightning Warriors could use an additional AoE threat generator. My thunderbolt has a 14.8 second cooldown, and that's with 40% expertise. I also feel that Rally should be repurposed as a threat generator rather than a group buff. Perhaps Rally could do the following: Once activated...
  13. KAVE

    New Nature Talent is OP

    On my level 76 bow Noxious Shot Poison Shot So about half the damage. I'm on rebirth right now, so I cannot equip the bow and actually check the cooldown times. However, one thing to keep in mind is that Noxious Shot is instant damage whereas Poison Shot is damage over time. While Poison...
  14. KAVE

    Dungeon Ideas

    I feel like different servers are having vastly different experiences. It seems US1 is struggling with Dungeons and 95 Elders, whereas I would say that things are fairly easy on US3. Dungeons are so popular in fact, that it actually hurts the runs. I logged in on 4 PM on Sunday and asked to see...
  15. KAVE

    Dungeon Ideas

    1000 crowns to anyone who can translate this guy
  16. KAVE

    Quick - swap weapons

    We already have a Wardrobe, I wonder if similar functionality could be used for a 'Loadouts' menu. We could create 3 or so loudouts, and any gear used in the Loadout is then stored within the Loadout menu (sort of like how all the gear we currently have equipped is stored within our character...
  17. KAVE

    New Player Guide

    Thank you for your feedback! I've added some information about /say and /e :)
  18. KAVE

    Dungeon Ideas

    I have been running Dungeons consistently since they were introduced. They are, by far, my favorite content in the game at this point. I even have characters I am raising across all the US servers (1 Tank, 1 Support, 1 DPS) just so that I can participate in their runs. Throughout the months, I...
  19. KAVE

    Coolest Gaming Grandma ever

    You never got beat by a grandma with a wooden spoon? Consider yourself lucky
  20. KAVE

    Ardent Tavern Podcasts

    Watch the newest Podcast featuring Ivar Otter! Also, huge thanks to @Giruv for posting a comment with all the relevant timestamps!