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  1. Stella StormSong

    Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, June 3rd for SEASON 8 OF RAIDS!

    I remember during the last LiveStream several of us- Lady Hawk, Desdamona, myself and a few others- asked over and over and over about the Cloister Relics when it was announced that Cloister was the raid being removed. We were all ignored (there was a very lengthy description of some mice in...
  2. Stella StormSong

    Resurrection on Mobie

    I hear ya my friend- literally! Many a time I'm in voice chat with a group and hear the frustration, anger and swearing of a mobile player who has just wasted a Rezzie. The flip side is the equally frustrating situation of Not having your Rezzies in your bags because you dont want to waste one...
  3. Stella StormSong

    VH Christmas Carols Contest! (12 Days 2023)

    Raidin' Around the Entitree (to the tune of Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree) Raidin' around the Entitree at the start of Bandicott spiders stunning, try to get free everybody dies a lot. Raidin' around the Entirtee let the Spriggians do their thing hoping we go thru Rober's Pass so we don't...
  4. Stella StormSong

    Letters to Santa Contest! (12 Days 2023)

    Dear Santa, Well, it all began about 10 years ago now. I was a brand new toon in a new game, never imagined what was about to unfold for me. I was a hunter then, only toon playing and making tons of mistakes along the way. But that wasn't all I made. As I leveled and learned, I made connections...
  5. Stella StormSong

    Cook - A - Lookalike V&H Item Contest! (12 Days 2023)

    Feeling a bit wobbly? You need a Hot Toddy! 2 oz whiskey or bourbon 1TBS lemon juice 1 TBS honey hot water enough to fill your mug garnish with lemon slices with cloves, and a cinnamon stick Stella StormSong US2 Wobbles Remedy
  6. Stella StormSong

    Patch Notes The Haunted Moors!

    US2 runs the 95s at 10 pm eastern, 7 pm pacific, nightly. We usually have 20+, sometimes up to 30. Also, many of us voice chat during those runs, so we know what the others are (and aren't) experiencing. I'd be happy to have a dev or devs join us for a run, actively or incognito and/or join our...
  7. Stella StormSong

    Lag at 95 Elders (with videos)

    The 95 Elders have been plagued by lag forever, lately its just worse to the point of "What's the point?". Lag makes it near impossible to see the mechanics, much less execute a kill of them. The only hope we have most nights it just to overwhelm and overpower them- not because we want to, but...
  8. Stella StormSong

    Event Zone Schedule Change

    Layla, I have never loved you more!!! I was just thinking this and talking about it among other friends!
  9. Stella StormSong

    Event Zone Schedule Change

    I know right?!!! Its an actual GOWN!!! <3
  10. Stella StormSong

    Looking for this outfit's name

    It is the Light Nymph outfit, and yes usually available during Vale
  11. Stella StormSong

    Raiders of the Lost Heroes

    Another Raid Season has come and gone, and I have been really remiss on a promise I made quite some time ago. So here is the post I was supposed to have made on behalf of a handful of friends and fellow raiders which compiles some of our best ideas and observations from our adventures on US2. I...
  12. Stella StormSong

    Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, May 1 for Small Build

    Does this mean to it's pre-mana build status? so no random perks anymore?
  13. Stella StormSong

    Patch Notes Servers Down Weds, April 12th for Patch 5.O

    Bless your ornery Ottery arteries for giving Ice Wizzies some attention. I will take Rhiannon out this evening and see how she handles <3
  14. Stella StormSong

    Our New EU1 Moderators!

    Welcome to the ModSquad, buckle your seatbelts!
  15. Stella StormSong

    Marksman Hunter Changes

    Im dizzy, V I love ya, but why so complicated?? So MM's identity is to be a support player? I'll have to see how mine plays after Monday's update. I enjoyed previously that MM was a way to bring some Physical Damage to the party. Where Lightning's primary purpose was to tank, Fury and MM were...
  16. Stella StormSong

    Ice Wizard. Mana patch

    I used to love my Ice Wiz, Rhiannon was my favorite toon to solo. She is currently a ghost of her former self. I eagerly await the update of Ice skills, because for now its simply Not Fun. IMO, most of the change which came with this build- across all 10 sublcasses- has made things...
  17. Stella StormSong

    Marksman Hunter Changes

    I feel like I dont know what MM's identity is anymore. The Dash and Stuns were what made it special; it now seems completely lackluster. I am eager to see how the build is going to be amended. To be continued..
  18. Stella StormSong

    Patch Notes Advance Patch Notes - The Mana Build!

    I am completely fine with the Mana Potions changes. Its common sense and we've known it was coming for quite some time. But this talent shake-up, and on all 10 subclasses no less. ... this is a complete blindside.
  19. Stella StormSong

    Unsere neuen Moderatoren!

    Willkommen bei der MOD-Familie :D Vielen Dank, dass Sie sich uns angeschlossen haben, wir freuen uns darauf, Sie beide kennenzulernen Welcome to the MOD family :D Thank you for joining us, we look forward to meeting you both!