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  1. Esmee

    Lost account

    Okay, thanks Rishi! 😊
  2. Esmee

    Lost account

    I would love to be able to access my original toons. It's been 10 years since I've used that account simply because I lost the email address associated with that account and I forgot my password. Is there a way that I could regain access to that old account?
  3. Esmee

    Mana is QoL issue.

    Oh yeah! Called them mana-pause... I forgot about that, but yeah, we used to always have to wait for spirit..err, I mean mana to regen. I miss calling it spirit, it sounded more whimsical.
  4. Esmee

    A Thank You from the Otters

    Thanks Otters! We love you ❤
  5. Esmee

    Vote for the new Twilight Vale outfits here!

    Those are so awesome! Thanks for letting us be a part of choosing the outfits, was very fun!
  6. Esmee


    Very interesting ideas!
  7. Esmee

    Raid Nether Camel--would you please add skills (e.g. speed boost)

    Am I not allowed to like posts that I happen to like? I don't know why you're even mentioning me.
  8. Esmee

    Raid Nether Camel--would you please add skills (e.g. speed boost)

    I just wanted to make it clear that I don't consider all mods bullies. There are a few that I have seen try to "influence" others into agreeing with their own opinions, which is not ok. Browbeating, or beating a dead horse as one would say....that is a form of bullying which is not just...
  9. Esmee

    Raid Nether Camel--would you please add skills (e.g. speed boost)

    This topic is 6 pages long and you are on every single page more than once trying to voice your opinion over others just like you do on other forum posts! I'm not new, been here since 2012 and most of you mods are bullies to anyone who think outside of your box. It's very similar to cult...
  10. Esmee

    Raid Nether Camel--would you please add skills (e.g. speed boost)

    The raid mount doesn't render anything worthless! Is it really so much faster that nobody will ever buy the expensive mount from shop? No! In order to get the speed boost from the raid mount you have to ride it. Speed boost doesn't transfer to all of your other mounts like the bridle does. The...
  11. Esmee

    Sugarsweet Summit Feedback!

    Yes, sugarsweet should be a rainbow of vibrant colors just like a candy shop! I mean it is supposed to be a zone made of candy! I totally agree that sugarsweet needs a color makeover.
  12. Esmee

    Please make the Sugarsweet EZ currency stack upto 5000

    That's a great point! Not everyone has a lot of storage space. My new toon (which is the one I'm using in sugarsweet ) only has 3 bags and 2 vaults. One vault is full of premium freebies that I tend to hoard and ranching items. The other vault is full of crafting items. My bags are full of quest...
  13. Esmee

    Sugarsweet Exploit

    I could've sworn that the op mentioned completely removing the hidden boxes... I read it last night. Hmmm...
  14. Esmee

    Sugarsweet Exploit

    Too bad the exploit can't be fixed to where it's not possible to do(of course I don't know what the exploit was so not sure if that's a possibility). I just really had fun exploring every nook and cranny of the zone and then to find hidden candies was a bit of a rush! Anyways, too bad...
  15. Esmee

    A New Addition to Our Otter Team

    Woohoo!!! This is exciting news and I can't wait to see how the game shifts! Congratulations V or should I say congratulations players!?
  16. Esmee

    (12 Days X-mas) VH Stocking Stuffer Contest!

    POO PARTY!!!!
  17. Esmee

    Soul key polymorph

    I would like to know what it looks like as well
  18. Esmee

    Mobile issue

    I'm in developer mode on my phone and was wondering if you could take a look at this screenshot. Is there anything there that could help increase the gpu?
  19. Esmee

    Mobile issue

    Oh boy, that's sad to hear and that's what I was afraid of. Thanks for helping me figure out the issue though.