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  1. Heisi

    Gaia Ward (earth shaman, 10 tree)

    Well it seems you observed the intended behaviour of Gaia's Ward there : the first time it activated is when your HP dropped below the 78HP threshold without you dying (20HP left) then you tried to replicate this but maybe you forgot the 5 minutes cooldown of Gaia's Ward ! It didn't proc for a...
  2. Heisi

    Shadow Priest Fabled Gear - 2-piece bonus

    Iirc Corrupting Plague originally deals its damage over the course of 60 seconds. So it looks like the 2-piece bonus halves this duration as intended. As the Plaguebringer Fabled Set is apparently designed for Shadow Priests that don't want to detonate their plagues with Shadow Orb, I guess the...
  3. Heisi

    Patch Notes Patch Notes for the upcoming-but-not-yet-released-Grinchta's Lair Build (5.17)

    February 12th
  4. Heisi

    EU2 - Stuck in loading screen since 19:00 UTC [resolved]

    Ok we are alle free again, of course I just had to write it here first before it fixes itself :ROFLMAO: Thread can be closed, thx^^
  5. Heisi

    EU2 - Stuck in loading screen since 19:00 UTC [resolved]

    It seems EU2 server is having a technical issue. We are a lot of players stuck in loding screen since 19:00 UTC today, please restart the server^^
  6. Heisi

    Class balancing

    I took the time to give you my opinion in english, which is also not my native language^^ I don't know portuguese so I won't be able to reply to this, unfortunately. But I sure hope I didn't hit a nerve with my previous post ;)
  7. Heisi

    Class balancing

    You are basing your assesment of class balance on a very specific content of the game, namely the 95-Elders run. The extreme mobility that most Fire Wizards have with the Blazing Speed Ultimate is a huge advantage over the Shadow Priest for example. Combine this with the superiority of the Fire...
  8. Heisi

    Is Earth Shaman skills Physical or magical?

    Earth damage is treated as physical damage. An Earth Shaman with 30 points in Erosion converts almost entirely the damage taken into earth damage. As a result you can clearly see on the damage charts under the category "magical damage taken" that the Earth Shaman tank takes less magical damage...
  9. Heisi

    Patch Notes Servers Down for Twilight Vale - Tues, July 11th

    It seems Zell (Orla's Veldt endboss) is once again acting up after this patch... None of his AoEs or Zodiac are visible on the ground before the damage hits. The same problem was fixed by the previous patch and is as of today apparently broken again. Observed tonight after the patch (around...
  10. Heisi

    Where is the balance

    If you want to increase your damage output, no matter what class, do yourself a favor and change your birth realm to Thorncrest ! Some players wonder why they don't do as much damage as an hybrid tank for example, and they don't even have Thorncrest realm bonus, crippling their critical strike...
  11. Heisi

    New Mana Build Blahs

    Are you seriously considering making alterations to a class based on a single player feedback ?? How do you know if this player's experience with his class is representative of all the Earth Shamans out there ? I for one disagree with some of his points : Mana consumption : I still very much...
  12. Heisi

    Raid Poll

    I voted for Season Rewards and Getting loot because I like the feeling of earning good stuff as a result of my efforts. Having fun along the way is a nice bonus though. But, as I expressed in an other thread, when a player runs Raids on Heroic difficulty, the completion rewards should...
  13. Heisi

    Patch Notes Patch Notes for the post-Mana Build! (4.93)

    Thank you for taking the time to test it yourself ! I guess you have a lot on your plate at the moment so I appreciate your time and effort. This is indeed just a tooltip error as @Inasani already posted. After the mana patch went live I checked all my weapon runes to see if something went wrong...
  14. Heisi

    Patch Notes Patch Notes for the post-Mana Build! (4.93)

    Thank you for the patch notes ! A lot of interesting changes coming though I'm not sure about trading +20% detonation chance on Unstable Power (40% upped to 60%) against removing the critical chance bonus on it... Sure it will restore some of the "impactful" feel of Shadow Priest gameplay (who...
  15. Heisi

    Poison Shot Augmentation Rune on the rings is broken

    The augmentation runes [Poison Shot+] are still broken after the March 17th hotfix. These runes are bugged on all possible item slots (rings, hat, belt, etc...) and the Hunter currently doesn't gain any damage bonus to the Poison Shot feat with these augmentation runes. (Edit on March 25th ...
  16. Heisi

    Shaman - Mana update

    Well, there it is ! Like i wrote in my summary above : Erosion rework is a clear intended nerf to the hybrid Tank/DPS Earth Shaman. This "fix" is nothing short of extreme, having to invest 30 talent points now instead of just 1 before to get the same 100% chance to stagger some incoming damage...
  17. Heisi

    Shaman - Mana update

    In summary, and to bring constructive feedback rather than ranting, here is my take on the patch from the perspective of an hybrid Earth Shaman : Mana sustain is now much better than before thanks to the new Seismic Drain Ultimate talent and the new Mana Potions system. Diamond Skin Ultimate /...
  18. Heisi

    Shaman - Mana update

    Well before this patch the hybrid Earth Shaman was perfectly capable of "top-tier" tanking like you say while maintaining good DPS (better DPS than a Lightning Warrior). This was possible by only investing 1 point in Erosion, not for the defense that this talent brings but for the ability to...
  19. Heisi

    Patch Notes Servers Down Thursday, March 16th for Mana Build

    Range and effect radius are two different things. You can cast Cure on an ally up to 40 meter away from you and the AoE effect (with Sanctified Hands) will be on a 6 meter radius from him. If you cast Cure on yourself or with an enemy in target or no target at all, then the AoE Cure is centered...
  20. Heisi

    Poison Shot Augmentation Rune on the rings is broken

    The augmentation runes [Poison Shot+] on rings are broken and don't give any bonus damage to Poison Shot anymore. They did work perfectly before the Mana Patch today. [Noxious Shot+] and [Woodland Arrow+] still work though, at least on rings. I'll have to check if the augmentation runes [Poison...