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  1. New Mana Build Blahs

    This exactly is the problem. Most casual players just want to play. They don't want to have to fuss around with having to perfect their gear just to be able to level fluidly, they don't want to bother about charts or other tweaks to prove that they liked the game more the way it was before. To...
  2. Song Title Game 4th Edition

  3. A quick review of “hard” content

    There is a reason why these games are so expensive. If you add harder content, it gets more and more complicated to balance between classes, group content, solo content. There will be constant complaints about it being unfair to some classes or builds and whatever. Especially if you have...
  4. A quick review of “hard” content

    Yes, they are listening to us. That is exactly why I'm answering to this post because I specifically do NOT want harder content in the game. If I keep quiet, they will think everyone agrees with you, and many do not. I have played WOW for a long time, I was in the top guild on my server with a...
  5. A quick review of “hard” content

    A game isn't necessarily made better by adding harder content, especially if most of the player base is happy with the existing difficulty. And if a handful of people are bored because the game isn't challenging enough for them, it is better to move on to other games and come back when they are...
  6. Hotfix for Stuck Issue - Tues, Dec 6th - And a Word about Candy Corn

    Can log in again. Thank you for your hard work and super fast response on that issue. :love:
  7. A quick review of “hard” content

    I think the happy ones are just more quiet. Disagreeing with posts like these usually gets you verbally slapped. That's why people don't like to post.
  8. A quick review of “hard” content

    I agree, no need for harder content. There are enough games out there if one needs more challenging fights. This game is awesome as it is and I'm thankful for the hard work the small team puts in night and day fighting bugs and doing everything to give us raids and event zones. No need to throw...
  9. Male or Female

    Just don't use it if you don't like what it does. Where's the problem? Seriously!
  10. New Hotfix for Stuck Issue - Servers Down Briefly Tuesday, November 1

    We just did a whole EZ boss round including Horde. No incidents and everything smooth, a lot less lag than before. It's definitely going in the right direction :) Thank you for your fast reaction today and also for putting in all the extra hard work in the last weeks fighting this issue. 🧡
  11. New Hotfix for Stuck Issue - Servers Down Briefly Tuesday, November 1

    No, it happened at other bosses too. First time we were fighting Ghoul. Everything froze, but we could still move, then got kicked out.
  12. Patch 4.85.6 - Server Only Build

    Lol. Yes, great smart warrior, I realised that. I just shared my opinion about EZ, like I you do all the time. No need to put down people that have a different opinon with smart ass comments like that. But thank you for reminding me why I stopped posting here.
  13. Patch 4.85.6 - Server Only Build

    But there's also a lot of high level players that leave the game because they do NOT enjoy all the hard combat that has been introduced into event zones in the recent years. A lot of players just enjoy the fun of a relaxing event zone, do their daily quests and fight bosses with a large group of...
  14. Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, June 20th for Twilight Vale and New Rift!

    Sorry, but what most players at level 75 want is to level up as fast as possible. Not wasting time to try over and over again wasting resources they need for raids or later for 95 elders. Especially after rebirth - they just want to get through it. Then time is better spent grinding bounties...
  15. Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, June 20th for Twilight Vale and New Rift!

    Superhero players - that kind of confirms what I feared. We all know leveling from 75 onward is relly really grindy and makes players quit because they get bored. With implementing the new rift, you slowed down leveling progress even more. I often ran people through old rift because I liked...
  16. Patch Notes Servers Down Wednesday, May 4th for Patch 4.77.2

    Last season raids were made harder after many had already reached platinum. Those who had it harder didn't receive anything special either. I think the special reward the first time was a bad mistake that should not be repeated. It created bad blood and a rift between the players with good raid...
  17. Current Contest The MAY DAY MAYHEM Event!

    That was an absolute blast, so much wild fun! Hope you got some good vids. Thank you for organizing and letting us be a part of it!
  18. Relics and Ducats should not reset...

  19. Special Flair Pack for Platinum Players before Sugarsweet

    Well, you got it for free and didn't have to buy it for ducats and you are the first one to use it for a very long time. Should be validation enough. Since your success comes mainly from either having the right class or being lucky enough to have a good group to play with. Plus enough time to...