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  1. Lilith

    Just a couple of Suggestions/Requests

    5. Option to hide all/any button on mobile, to obtain more exciting screenshots, just like on PC.
  2. Lilith

    Tempest of the Roc

    Tempest of the Roc We recently had changes to the nature hunter, Soul of the Forest now also allows Tempest of the Roc to refresh any of its DoT effects on affected targets. In my trips to the frantic combat with 95's I noticed how boring it is to get the timing right between running Venom of...
  3. Lilith

    Void Craft Event - First Edition

    On name of Void, to everyone who attended, a big thank you! Highlighting mainly the amount of players present, about 40 players or more were part of this party. There was no problem regarding the organization, everyone collaborated and peacefully waited their turn. This is certainly a great...
  4. Lilith

    Void Craft Event - First Edition

    __VOID CRAFT EVENT__ Hello readers and players of US1. I come today, on behalf of the Void guild, to announce the first edition of our crafting event, which will be held on Sunday, 01/15 at 21:00 hours (Ardent Time) in Summer Hollow. Calm down, don't get bored yet! We don't intend to make a...
  5. Lilith

    How to retrieve V&H Launcher Logs

    Traceback (most recent call last): Unhandled exception in thread started by File "VHCommon.pyo", line 1709, in OnPaint <function executePatcher at 0x027CCAF0> File "wx\_gdi.pyo", line 4990, in __init__ wx._coreTraceback (most recent call last): File "VHPatcher.pyw", line 214, in...
  6. Lilith

    Launcher SAC Problem

    It was one of the first attempts at solutions, but thanks for the reminder. Run as administrator; No success either. VHLauncher.exe;
  7. Lilith

    Launcher SAC Problem

    It was necessary to share my problem with everyone. Over the course of 4 months I looked for several solutions to stop the problem. Unfortunately I was not successful. In fact, I'm not from the area, it's natural that I don't know how to solve it. Basically, this is a post aimed at users who...
  8. Lilith

    Relics and multiple characters.

    We always look forward to a new dungeon season, whether it's for fun, seasonal rewards, and they, the relics! Relics are indispensable when it comes to their excellent bonuses and returns. Due to the level upgrade hiatus, it is evident that many players choose to have more characters, and...
  9. Lilith

    Do you think Gold tier Catacomb is over damaged?

    It was said that this season would have a higher level. Fact is, many of us were taken by surprise. Now we need to adapt, since it is a difficulty level unknown to many. I particularly like difficult matches, and I rescue the idea that effort is the key. The Catacomb brought mechanics and...
  10. Lilith

    A New Addition to Our Otter Team

    The gain that the community and the game itself has with you is indisputable. As a player you achieved great achievements, where many impose a limit, you showed the opposite, always advancing. Now how to develop, I'm sure you will deliver a great job. We, min-maxers were waiting for someone to...
  11. Lilith

    Creation of necklaces and rings.

    I noticed that there is a gap to be explored in necklaces and rings. The necklace has 5 spaces and each ring has 3 spaces, totaling 11 spaces (math little lesson). Such spaces could be used more proficiently since, compared to trinkets, these enhancement components (I mean base skill...
  12. Lilith

    Performance/ FPS and optimization.

    It's extremely annoying having to make a complaint post about it. Lately the game is exceptionally horrible when it comes to performance/ fps and optimization. These are the places and situations where they are most recurrent. Events (server and others); Elders 95; Raids; Collect; Crafting...
  13. Lilith

    Loving the new pet/toy button position.

    Loving the new pet/toy button position.
  14. Lilith

    New Mobile Layout is Not Friendly

    I find it funny how wrong the location was chosen, especially in raids, where any second is critical for survival. I hope move or remove as soon as possible.
  15. Lilith

    Gold Exploit

    Please developer, don't delete my comment again, it's important and relevant to the community. Unfortunately, I know the people who did it very well. We (me and some friends) denounced this act almost 1 month ago and it was not given due attention. Now, this act has damaged everyone's...
  16. Lilith

    Gold Exploit

    That's why the auction must function as such, no purchase is mandatory, however exorbitant it may be. Questions like this only reinforce the idea that the solution approach is erroneous.