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    WINNERS of 12 Days of Xmas Event 2023!

    Congrats everyone! excellent job as always, US2. See you all in the next events <3
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    Server Donation Contest! (12 Day Xmas 2023)

    Got to agree this is also my case. The only time some of us do get back in game is if there is a server or village contest. Thus, activity wise though, it is indeed US3 which is the more active server normally. My some cents: As a suggestion, let’s just say the safer choice would be to code an...
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    Letters to Santa Contest! (12 Days 2023)

    V&H Version Hail my dear friend Santa, It is I, thy White Knight of the Sheep’s Order, hailing from the lands of the greatest Matriarch of all time. I hope this letter finds thee well as I continue to bathe in blood in these forsaken lands. By the gods luck, I obtained an unlimited supply of...
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    Cook - A - Lookalike V&H Item Contest! (12 Days 2023)

    US 2 Fluffed Actual item: Vanilla/strawberry frosted chocolate muffins VH Item: Vanilla glazed muffin Ingredients: Muffin: Flour, baking powder, salt, white sugar, milk, egg, oil, vanilla extract, chocolate chips, butter Frosting: butter, vanilla extract, confectioner’s sugar, heavy cream...
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    The VH Holiday Meme Contest! (12 Days 2023)

    US 2 Fluffed link:
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    I1 GIFT
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    The Housing NPC Naming Contest

    Well you didn’t really specify it has to be human immediately… My NPC suggestion is a PLANK OF WOOD which you find stabbed at the soil in your plot of land. As you wake up the plank, it shares its back story on how it was a passionate woman who fell in love with a craftsman (or carpenter)...
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    WINNERS/GIFTS of the 12 Days of Christmas Event 2022!

    Congrats to everyone and nice teamwork US2!
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    A prize chest we can place

    Would be nice. This might function like a drop item button which people who has an overflow of items in vault can just leave their stuff fir others to benefit from. Should include some type of warning that ”dropped” or “gifted” items are free for all.
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    The VH Collaborative Story Contest!

    The next day, Lilith was awoken by the noise made by mobs crowding in front of her raid dungeon. She had forgotten to silence the director and naked man from spilling her secrets.
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    The VH Collaborative Story Contest!

    Petunia, a.k.a. Lilith, began to sing her bewitching song as afterall, she was known as the demonic chanteuse. “IIIIIIII-I don't want a lot for Christmas-there is just one thing I need…”
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    The VH Collaborative Story Contest!

    ”Hahaha, Petunia you fool!” Laughed the devilish fairy which was no other than Mercer. “How naive of you to think you can escape my mainline quest of helping me find my tinsel.”
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    The VH Collaborative Story Contest!

    He had to keep the secret and be the first one to tell the paparazzi. This information was worth a hundred, no, at least a thousand gold!
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    The VH Collaborative Story Contest!

    The zombie’s eyes turned back to normal human eyes with her face shifting to a loving expression. “Finally,” she exclaimed, “I can buy that item after exchanging these to Darrig Coins!”
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    Server Donation Contest! (12 Day X-mas 2022)

    I feel a lot are waiting til last minute to donate. I hope that they just don’t forget to do so before the deadline 😁
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    The VH Collaborative Story Contest!

    The sad feeling in her heart though was cut short, as suddenly, light gave way, showing the beatiful scenery around. From where she was standing, it seemed like a port of some kind, while a short distance away showed two fire pillars.
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    The VH Ornament Contest!

    Starting with something simple. Something which you shouldn’t forget. entry for US2
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    Bingo Contest!

    PLEASE ASSIST US DEAR DEVS by releasing an updated Bingo card to monitor what is already completed for each server bracket (based on your judgment too if all entries are valid). You do it for donation event, why not all Events to keep the hype up? This will also encourage more participation. Thanks.
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    The VH Holiday Meme Contest!

    Entry for US 2, Fluffed
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    VH Cook-a-Lookalike Contest!

    Entry for US 2 Christmas Cookie Ingredients 20 grams butter 25 grams brown sugar 10 grams milk 55 grams all purpose flour 1/8 tsp baking soda Pinch if salt 11 pcs chocolate chips