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  1. The Sneaky Scribbler Caption Contest!

    "Surely these flower disguises will protect us from Chicken Man!" " Not if we keep talking. And don't call me Shirley."
  2. Tater and I-How many times?

    I assume you're wondering how many times you have to find him. When I do this quest I make sure to track it. Each new spot to find him will be on your local map. He will lead you to 5-7 different spots, not sure of the actual number.
  3. Sugarsweet Mount Lottery!

    thanks Ekimie
  4. Sugarsweet Mount Lottery!

    When I registered, the email listed was my gmail acct, not the email my V & H account is registered under. I used my main name on my server. Will this be a problem?
  5. New Ardent Ledger!

    Thank you!!! Housing looks great, can't wait.
  6. Blight Quest - Death of a Dragon

    I have also had problems finding the dead dragon. I will usually find it after a day or two. It se ems that the dragon can be quite a ways from the sites listed in the wiki. Maybe if you expand your search radius you will find it.
  7. Sugarsweet Exploit

    Since the actual exploit was not revealed there is no way to know if you discovered the same exploit Mr Ghostman. We also do not know how long or how many times the banned players used the exploit. So I feel that the devs took all the facts into consideration when handing out punishment. I hope...
  8. Thank you for Pet/Toy slot system

    The new pet and toy slot system is wonderful. Thank you devs. I freed up almost a full page in my bags and half a page in my vault (for each character). For those who don't know, you simply double click on each toy or pet and it is placed in the slot.
  9. Patch 4.67 - Christmas 2021

    Wow, this topic has gotten as hot as someone suggesting PVP. But now I think I'll just relax and go play the game.
  10. Fan Friday Fan Friday Nov 12 - 19

    Grats to winners. I have 3 characters all with 5 rebirths and past Bevins ,I don't think I've ever gotten the spell book quest!
  11. Village park

    If there's going to be a campfire to sit around and sing we need the lyrics to Kumbaya posted in the forum.
  12. Pvp server

    This game's mechanics, gear and combat is not conducive forpvp. Since it is a small dev team with their plates overflowing right now, I'm ivory soap sure (99&44/100%) there will not be a PvP server.
  13. In-game Memorial Service for AliasSam

    Thank you, Sarah, your touching post summed up Sam perfectly! She will be sorely misses.
  14. Current Contest The MAY DAY MAYHEM Event!

    Unfortunately I have to work on Saturday and can't make it. I hope the video you take will be posted on Facebook or twitch so anyone not able to attend can get a chuckle or two. Sounds like everyone will have a great time.
  15. Music contest?

    I think you nailed the idea, Gogo. There are so many creative minds I think the devs could find some wonderful additions to the soundtrack.
  16. Why Gnomentation ?

    Nice puns, unfortunately when I see the word "gnome" my brain pronounces the hard "g" every time. Like when they are talking about the World Health Organization on the news, my brain says "Who?"
  17. The Give An NPC A Name Contest!

    Kakaphony Carbonara From Frostalite US2
  18. Suggestions for 2021 'Quality of Life Build'

    Just to answer questions about pets. At one time there were 5 slots for pets but that was causing lag. The pets acquired from then on only go in one spot so only one can be used at one time. Players who had the older pets can still have more than one at a time ( only the ones with different slot...
  19. Suggestions for 2021 'Quality of Life Build'

    Wow, seven pages already and not a week old. I have suggested before and I saw this several times in this thread. The ability to enter and decorate our houses. If that's too ambitious at least decorations for the outside of the house. Maybe crafted, cash shop, or quest rewards from events.
  20. Combination ideas

    I just browsed thru Kave's post " Holy priest suggestions". This reminded me of when 2 different classes could use specific feats and trigger an additional effect. What if something like this was added for individuals. For example: an ice wiz would cast ice javelin followed immediately by...