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  1. Tareco

    Where is the balance

    At this point i have said basically everything i could say about this subject, so now I'm awaiting to see what will happen next. I think others are doing the same as me, they're waiting to know if it will be worth to keep playing the class/game...
  2. Tareco

    Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, May 1 for Small Build

    And for God sake make polls about that kind of changes, call the people who absolutely hate the forum to participate in game polls, i don't know. Just make sure you are listening a good portion of the players base instead of just the few of us that use the game forum. And more than that, stop...
  3. Tareco

    Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, May 1 for Small Build

    The problem of reverting Bless to it's old version is that the New Blessings only come from SHIELDING EXPIRATION. U know what this mean? If the shield break before that No one is buffed. And I'm not even talking about Divine Inspiration not having purpose anymore, the synergy between DI and...
  4. Tareco

    Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, May 1 for Small Build

    We are already doing less damage, and sitting at the bottom of damage charts. So why take another chunk of our DPS again?
  5. Tareco

    Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, May 1 for Small Build

    I'm eager to see what the smart people who claimed for that change will think once they realize what this change means.
  6. Tareco

    Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, May 1 for Small Build

    My God, you guy's reverted Bless back to it's original, but now we will need to wait for the shields to expire to get the Blessings as Divine Inspiration wasn't changed back too. Seriously, no one have seen this problem?
  7. Tareco

    New Mana Build Blahs

    Wouldn't be this a case of making the life of the water shaman better for soloing things/and giving more usefulness on groups rather than blaming the other healer sub class too powerful and being happy everytime they get nerfed?
  8. Tareco

    Patch Notes Servers Down Weds, April 12th for Patch 5.O

    Ty for looking at the holy dps question, it won't make us the top dps class but surely will help us to kill big things. A special thanks for making Condemn work at Elders too, and more powerful with the Harmonize ult (it become more engaging to use too). Now, about the new male body design...
  9. Tareco

    Holy Changes

    Yeah, ty, by now everyone here is aware of that Bless spaming. Keep spaming Bless to receive less than before, yeap, definitely not a nerf.
  10. Tareco

    Holy Changes

    It's not my intention to make this thread closed, really, and i hope that's not the intention of anyone here. But the fact is that some of us are really frustrated with all those nerfs, and seen someone saying that we shouldn't complain about the loss of our DPS (that wasn't that high anyway)...
  11. Tareco

    Holy Changes

    You say constantly that we should be polite and give constructive feedback for devs, but then when we do our feedback thats your best answer for the frustration of players? To Shut up and just accept the changes or go play hibrids and don't bother anymore?
  12. Tareco

    Holy Changes

    Ty, this exactly what we are feeling right now, and again, we are just asking for some ways to mitigate the DPS nerf of our subclass, not to be the Most Powerful Being in game. But unfortunately for some peoples this is outrageous and against the law i guess...
  13. Tareco

    Holy Changes

    We aren't asking to be Top DPS subclass, just some ways to mitigate the loss of our DPS. It's that hard to understand?
  14. Tareco

    Holy Changes

    We no longer have Holy Ardor crit %, Divine Inspiration and Righteousness lost the holy ability power boost too. Bless abiltiy/crit boost is 10%, with DI it goes to 20%. In theory, with Bless/Shield being used everytime we have our blessings running almost 100% of time, so the loss shouldn't be...
  15. Tareco

    Holy Changes

    Some of us like to play DPS Holy Priests to Solo content (not hibrids), this means that our group healing capabilities aren't going to be nearly as good as a Group oriented Holy Priest, as our focus would be dealing damage and keeping ourselves alive. In that regard, we suffered a severely nerf...
  16. Tareco

    Two Priest talent suggestions

    Yeap, Dying Breath definitely need a rework...
  17. Tareco

    Shadow Priests working as intended?

    I was thinking, Darkfrost doesn't slow enemies anymore, it does something completely different, so it would make sense to rename it, right?
  18. Tareco

    Warrior Changes

    I suggest moving all the discussion about loadout/building discussion to another thread so everyone could give their opinion and suggestions. I really, really hope that this catch the attention of devs, because it's frustrating to change builds to do differents contents at the game.
  19. Tareco

    Gale force…..again.

    I think it's because of the duration/speed of the feat. It's way slow than both of the warriors charges, so it acts different, and even buggy as you say (yes, it's definitely buggy).
  20. Tareco

    Recipe book on mobile

    And also the achievement list for mobile, we are really needing it.