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  1. Why are people losing interest in game and raids???

    To help with the disappearing body parts bug try dismounting before going through portals and in-zone teleports. Also cleaning windows cache every few hours if you play on computer helps. Don’t know if there is an equivalent on mobile. Hope this helps. I rarely lose body parts if I follow...
  2. Villagers with a hint of Heroes

    The fun is in the journey. I take my combat one zone at a time and enjoy it as much as possible. When I’m too tired from work I prefer to watch a movie or read a book while I mindlessly click on a node in the village to gather or do a bit of crafting refined mats. If I need gear I try to make...
  3. Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, August 1 for Small Patch

    Just a quick question or two about the new rift and the runs being made in it if I may. At what level is the majority of players doing the runs? Have the runs been tried by groups of players not at cap? Or by very small groups not at cap? How have they fared if so? I was under the impression...
  4. Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, August 1 for Small Patch

    It took me a very long time and many many tries to get the download through on my pc. I kept getting a message that I had no internet although that wasn’t the case. I just kept at it and suddenly it decided to download correctly and the game updated and I’m in. Not sure why the last few updates...
  5. Imbalances in drops for class specs?

    My holy priest has the very worst luck getting dropped weapon feats as well as cure necklace feat. Having so many points in the talent for cure and no luck getting one to drop is disheartening. It’s hard combat on a holy priest when all that drops are heal feats. I also have trouble with...
  6. missing parts!!!!

    I just dismount before I go through a portal or use map to tp. I also dismount before I use an in zone tp. Using this method has eliminated the frustration of missing body parts.
  7. Level 75 - 85 Content Suggestions

    I wish time stamp was available for mobile but I found a bit of a work around. If you press on a blue name of those liking a post it will give a pop up with a time stamp when they liked it. That gives me an idea how old the thread is and how long ago last posts were.
  8. Event Channel

    You can turn system chat off at the ... on the chat box on pc. Just click on the 3 dots. I don’t know if there is that option in mobile.
  9. Compensation for All Players

    What an amazing assortment of gifts!! Thanks so much Sarah and Mad Otters. All are back in the game. Happy ending to a difficult few days. Hope you and the team can enjoy some well deserved rest now. 💞
  10. GAME ISSUES Friday, May 27th

    Please remember that this whole situation started with the need to stop an exploit. The need to protect the game from cheating was apparently important enough to require immediate attention. There have been instances in the past where customers, myself included, were left unable to update the...
  11. GAME ISSUES Friday, May 27th

    And let’s all remember to lay the blame squarely on the heads of the culprits who decided stealing from the game was okay. They are at fault, not the devs who earn a living from this game but continue to make it a free game for all to play. Cheaters don’t win anything ultimately but those who...
  12. Invisibility Issues

    I dismount every time I go through a portal or teleport to another zone or in the same zone. I use /clearcache often and will close my game out every few hours if I play a long time to clear my windows cache. I also do the cleaning and/or relogging (close game completely) if I have spent time...
  13. Shiver - Stupid

    I was just replying to the randomness of the assignment each day. Being able to see the achievement doesn’t change the fact that the NPC will give same quest objective repeatedly. We still have to suffer waiting for the NPC to assign the last remaining objective we need.
  14. Shiver - Stupid

    All achievements are random on mobile... All achievements are random on pc too
  15. Easy way to wardrobe the appearance of husk items such as Cheetah boots

    Cheetah boots were a shop item that was sold a very long time ago. They were never crafted. Those who lived thru Starfall had all their gear turned into husks when that changed how gear worked.
  16. Eeek! RB in EZ!

    This is also pretty much the same on pc for those who have run the ez in past years. Unless you know exactly what your kill number was before this current ez there is no way to tell how many kills are from this current ez.
  17. Eeek! RB in EZ!

    The reason that you can’t pick up the quest again after rebirth is that it keeps you from having an unfair advantage of repeating the ez quest for rewards again. Some of those ez quests give large amount of ez items.
  18. Easy way to wardrobe the appearance of husk items such as Cheetah boots

    Make sure once you do this gnogging process that you actually reequip the item after you gnogment it. You should also be gnogging this item with a current dropped item from the game not one that is also a husk. The level of the item is not important as you are just equipping it for the wardrobe...
  19. Undying Melody

    You must make sure if you assemble your 3 scraps for each song as you gather them that you either turn in the entire quest or leave scraps unassembled if you plan to rebirth before completing the quest. Unassembled scraps can be traded but assembled ones can’t. Any assembled scraps will self...
  20. Elder Gear

    It would be nice if we could choose the level we want the elder gear to be when we are higher levels. Recently I made gear for an older character that lost all rebirth gear in Starfall. Only problem is I couldn’t complete it because at a higher level I can’t actually choose the elder gear level...