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  1. Constantine ElSheba

    Ardent society currency suggestion

    This could be a great idea if the wallet system is implemented or at least the stack value of other currency is rised. Like golden dubloons I'm tired of gargoyle mounts... 😑
  2. Constantine ElSheba

    Patch Notes Servers Down Thursday, August 24th for HOUSE LOVE Patch
  3. Constantine ElSheba

    CRAFTING Ideas for the halloween event

    Candied apple staff and mace. Candy corn axe and hammer. Bone bow Blood stained glass shard sword
  4. Constantine ElSheba

    Event Zone Schedule Change

    I love everything but my favourites are Enchanted puppet #8 Undead noble #1 (the best) Mount #7 I'm ok with the changes, but I wish to have a way to get the seasonal items of equinox. I wanted to suggest to also add the anuk'amon golden nameplate that was removed from flair.
  5. Constantine ElSheba

    List old items currently unavailable here!

    The lady and gentlemen outfits
  6. Constantine ElSheba


    It is her
  7. Constantine ElSheba

    House Item Wish List - What do our Players Want in their Homes?

    Other things I would like to have in my house : Pet house to put there a pet or pets I want to see roaming inside. Floating Effects like bubbles, hearts, snow, etc Broom display Photo album book. We take pictures in places we like and save them in the album. Under each picture we could write...
  8. Constantine ElSheba

    House Item Wish List - What do our Players Want in their Homes?

    Everything they said + Hanging chandeliers Guild banner - this also means we should be able to create a guild flag Statues Collection display case - ardent display case can do this. We can have some sections for : coins, gems, bugs, medals, bones, dried plants, seeds etc. Interactive library...
  9. Constantine ElSheba

    V&H Art Appreciation

    After a long time, here some village screenshots :
  10. Constantine ElSheba

    Village Life - The Borough

    But I agree that hanging flower pots will look very beautiful in Borough. It would be nice some fireflies too.
  11. Constantine ElSheba

    Village Life - The Borough

    I have some ideas for the village. First of all I would like that all project boards to be gathered and fused into an universal project board near the vault. Same for the storage bins for mats. And now the projects. Fauna's house - to this house we can donate all mounts and pets that we have...
  12. Constantine ElSheba

    Village Life - The Borough

    I would. It adds personality
  13. Constantine ElSheba

    Tower of the storm

    I have a 3d one too but I can't download it from the floor plan app 😔 And I also put the link to the wiki page Tower of the Storm
  14. Constantine ElSheba

    Tower of the storm

    This is a map I've recently made for the zone Tower of the storm.
  15. Constantine ElSheba

    How do I gift an item from the premium shop?

    Have someone you know that plays on pc or mobile buy it, pay them with gold instead (i heard people on us1 are loaded) and then gift it to the player you wish.
  16. Constantine ElSheba

    More Variety & Impactful Status Effects

    I would like to add dancing - make the enemies dance until they die
  17. Constantine ElSheba

    More Emojis?

    I want this as emoji if is possible