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  1. скибидивапапа

    Ice wiz poll + feedback

    Hi all Agree with most of the above. I already commented on the ice wizard changes in another thread. Ice Wizard is my main class. I will try to say something new about the talents, skills and role of the ice wizard. 1. Ultimate for 40 points in the ice branch promises to strengthen the ice...
  2. скибидивапапа

    Servers Down Monday, March 27th for New Build

    I've been waiting for almost a month for all the class balance changes to start and finish to see the final version of my ice mage. Today, having played an ice mage, I can say that I stopped enjoying playing for him. I no longer understand my role in this class. I don't deal damage, I'm not a...
  3. скибидивапапа

    Ice Wizard. Mana patch

    I started playing a firebender after this patch and will continue, I really liked the firebender! :D but I want the ice to come back and take a deep breath! maybe I'll continue to play with ice if it's something cool
  4. скибидивапапа

    Fire Wiz changes

    The new inner fire is very good! but has a very long cooldown + a very short duration of the aoe damage buff effect. It would be nice to have inner fire cooldown within 1 minute to use it in every fight. And increased duration of the buff, which would depend on the number of targets hit, like...
  5. скибидивапапа

    Patch Notes Servers Down Thursday, March 16th for Mana Build

    Let's wait for the developers to release the next update with fixes and adjustments to Mana Patch, so it's not worth it to judge the current build for now
  6. скибидивапапа

    Ice Wizard. Mana patch

    I tested alternately using hoarfrost on 5 enemies that were under the effect of Frozen Solid, and found that it required me to press the change target button 5 times + hoarfrost button presses 5 times in less than 7 seconds. This is a lot of frequent clicks, I find it inconvenient. I also found...
  7. скибидивапапа

    Ice Wizard. Mana patch

    Te apoyo. No entiendo cómo se supone que funciona esta habilidad ahora
  8. скибидивапапа

    Ice Wizard. Mana patch

    thanks for your attention to the post I mean the chance of triggering the effect is too low
  9. скибидивапапа

    Ice Wizard. Mana patch

    If you don't mind, I'll write how I see the new ice wizard I hope my dream will be heard 1. I like how Thermal Core works now. this is a really useful change 2. I see the role of the ice wizard in slowing down, completely freezing, immobilizing enemies. I disagree that after using hoarfost...
  10. скибидивапапа

    Ice Wizard. Mana patch

    I agree with you
  11. скибидивапапа

    Patch Notes Advance Patch Notes - The Mana Build!

    when will the mana patch be released?
  12. скибидивапапа

    Auction. "Orders"

    Hello. I would like to see in the auction the possibility for the buyer to make an "order" of an item. For ease of reading, I will continue to use the following words, "customer" - a player who places an "order" for the manufacture of an item at the auction. "Order" - a special form of...