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    Speed relic from cloister raids

    looking like it's gone
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    Option to cancel side quests

    My solution was to not accept side quests after rebirth. Why is the Hide Quest feature not good enough?
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    Wind Shaman Demo Run

    the premise of high dodge chance is appealing but aren't there some abilities/feats that are unavoidable?
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    Shaman with Wind Focus?

    trying something like this on my 4th rebirth--came here to read others' experience. I've mixed feelings about it so far.
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    A Thank You from the Otters

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    Fury/Warcry build for leveling

    at low levels i would place my first ten talent points into Mortal Wounds to unlock Frenzied Strikes--it's an awesome feat/spell especially at low level when weapons only have a few on them
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    What is hasty good for?

    hasty seeds are intended for players that can spend frequent time in their gardens as some ripen in 20 minutes or so...the gains (gold or xp) add up quicker since the player spends more time planting and harvesting
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    Instances, Vale Departure Date, and Misc

    Bad luck is sometimes unavoidable and because there is no perfect system to address all concerns, there are going to be times where players just miss out. The bright side is that Prisma will re-spawn in approximately 70 minutes. Anyone can set a timer and make another attempt.
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    Origins of Mana

    hey thanks for sharing that link--I too am familiar with the biblical manna from heaven foodstuff and had often wondered how it could have inspired 'magical energy' found in most rpg's. I prefer the Rapa Nui origin now. Thanks again!
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    The 5, 95 Club

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    Salvage Kit Math

    saves me a trip to the vendor and gets me SOME components back are my primary reasons for salvaging...11g seems a but much but hey, what else am I spending gold on? I mean, kinda savin up for that red horse in Lake Kiwa…. :cool:
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    Enhancement should be removed

    I say keep enhancement in the game.
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    What guides would you like to see?

    I'd appreciate a Hunter Marksman build guide. For a friend ;)
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    Upcoming Live Builds Schedule

    Even if one is unable to earn enough ez currency for their goals, I feel the xp there is more than adequate and therefore a great reason to participate.
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