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  1. Rattus

    Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, August 1 for Small Patch

    Thanks, I'll try a couple more times then (got about three hours until my bounty power expires and it gets too late anyway :D).
  2. Rattus

    Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, August 1 for Small Patch

    The update can't be downloaded — the download restarts at 51%. No fresh log file is written to the root dir. ..\Villagers and Heroes\AMysticalLandSAC\common\newManifest.xml is for version 59611: <?xml version="1.0"?> -<Manifest version="1"> -<Contents> -<Product>...
  3. Rattus

    List of Quest Items

    «The Trubadour» is IIRC a part of «Malicious Melody Remedy»; 1 mana roll, 20 mushrooms, 20 wood and 20 beetles, but just once.
  4. Rattus

    Gifting event currency

    The simplest way to implement: a repeatable quest that, (for example) for every 1000 currency collected, awards you another 100, and those are unbound. People may choose to spend those themselves, sell them on AH or give away. The vendor must be trained to take soulbound currency first. The...
  5. Rattus

    Servers Down Saturday, July 2nd for New Patch!

    Probably not "intended" but that's what's come out of it. I clearly realize that even as a reasonably well equipped L78 (7.0/7.7 before breakfast) I'm still a drag on any group, and the whole thing takes way too long already. There's a lot of frustration in the air, and open conflict is only a...
  6. Rattus

    Back Slot

    Rat says it certainly needs a slot for the tail. :)
  7. Rattus

    Song Title Game 4th Edition

    Trumbull County Antique Tractor Show — Mean Mary
  8. Rattus

    Song Title Game 4th Edition

    Many Days — Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio dantys A steampunk ballad from Lithuania.
  9. Rattus

    Song Title Game 4th Edition

    A Man With A Plan — Korpiklaani
  10. Rattus

    Song Title Game 4th Edition

    Little Lies — Fleetwood Mac
  11. Rattus

    Song Title Game 4th Edition

    In Heaven There Is No Beer -Dmitri Taralezhkov & friends
  12. Rattus

    Song Title Game 4th Edition

    Sorrow, Tears and Blood — Fela Kuti Nigerian music from 1977.
  13. Rattus

    Wardrobe Option To Not Show Shield

    As a workaround for tea ceremonies and other social events, you can use "natural look" and unequip your shield and/or weapon. That however implies you need to have the desired clothes in kind, not just in wardrobe. As for wardrobe option not to show the shield, even in combat... I suspect some...
  14. Rattus

    Compensation for All Players

    Thanks, you've guessed the top item of my list right now. :)
  15. Rattus

    Dropped gear and class/subclass of gear

    Looted gear is pretty much random, and I can live with that; but raid rewards surely seem like biased against the player.
  16. Rattus

    Mana is QoL issue.

    A quick back-of-the-envelope calculation tells me that selling a character slot for gold, instead of using it yourself, would have fetched you enough gold to buy somewhere between 10 and 15 thousand mana potions. (Using data from EU1: last known trade between trusted sources — a vault for 4k —...
  17. Rattus

    Vote for the new Twilight Vale outfits here!

    Voted. (although none of these seem to have a Proper Tail :p)
  18. Rattus

    Can someone please help me understand this???

    My understanding is that "Open" here means "parties of 7 or more people".
  19. Rattus

    Patch Notes Patch 4.75.1

    I just observed the exact opposite of that. Running a solo silver swamp; those three black golems that accompany Rocky — they got stuck in Rocky's armpits, and none of them could reach me until I killed Rocky and made a step away. This might be an unlucky coincidence, or specific size ratio that...
  20. Rattus

    General troubleshooting checklist

    Запуск от имени администратора пробовал? (только для того, чтобы обновить игру, постоянно так играть не рекомендуется Ж) Have you tried running it as an administrator? (just for updating the game, playing as admin all the time is not recommended :)