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  1. Darkstar

    WIZARD: Class-Balancing Feedback & Poll

    Thinking about the last point I made, I would actually be OK with two Armor/Talent sets for Raids. My usual glass cannon build for group raids but for solo I would need something with more "tank". Conjured Regeneration, Cauterize and maybe some Life Steal might be enough to cover the...
  2. Darkstar

    WIZARD: Class-Balancing Feedback & Poll

    Wizard Subclass: Fire Combat Level & Rebirths: 41 (4x RB's) Gardening & Cooking Levels: 95 & 95 What Talents do you like and why? Cauterize - The only form of self healing I have available outside of pots. Set Ablaze - For the Blazing Speed Ultimate that helps me get to where I want to go...
  3. Darkstar

    Game Stops Responding on Zoning

    PC Player... seen the issue a few times... familiar with patching software... happy to help.
  4. Darkstar

    Patch 4.67 - Christmas 2021

    I am very much in favor of the increased guild size limit. This offers guilds a number of options including: 1. Merging with another guild, be they currently aligned with another guild right now or not. 2. Merging Main and Alt guilds to centralize chat for all members. 3. Expanding their current...
  5. Darkstar

    Special Flair Pack for Platinum Players before Sugarsweet

    Be it the crown store or the ducat shop, I would certainly buy it.
  6. Darkstar

    Daily reset instead of 22-24 hours cooldowns

    As the OP mentioned "all things" that have a cooldown period, village projects would be my biggest concern. There are times when I log in with an inventory full of things I want to contribute but somebody has beaten me to it and max'ed out the resource contribution for the period. I am sure the...
  7. Darkstar

    Vale Changes Feedback

    I already have and recently reviewed my build with some experts in the guild after I struggled with raids so that is not the issue.
  8. Darkstar

    Vale Changes Feedback

    As a mid-level player (lvl 65 Fire Wizard) I have always found the ladder a struggle when the group contains nothing but mid-level players to the point where the current run is abandoned. Only when we get a lvl 95 on the team do the kills go smoothly and we complete the ladder. I appreciate that...