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  1. Myst

    Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, Oct 18th for The Haunted Moors !

    The download loop happened to me as well; just let it keep looping and it finally finishes.
  2. Myst

    Sugarsweet Departure Date

    Does the Easter Event end at the same time?
  3. Myst

    Current Contest The 12 Days of Christmas Event 2020!

    I have no problem with them doing events. It's the appropriation of the name that annoys me.
  4. Myst

    Current Contest The 12 Days of Christmas Event 2020!

    Really?? After Christmas morning things are LESS hectic than they are currently.
  5. Myst

    Current Contest The 12 Days of Christmas Event 2020!

    The contest should be called "12 Random Days in December" since that is what it is. I only wish it was actually held on the 12 days of Christmas, Dec 25th to Jan 6th.
  6. Myst

    Patch Notes Servers Down Later Today (Friday 18th) for Patch 4.47.4

    The announcement spamming is annoying.
  7. Myst


    There is an unobvious warning - the background on the final product will show the rarity.
  8. Myst

    Send To All In Guild Box Gone

    No, maybe it is bugged only on mobile...
  9. Myst

    What is the in chat command that prints a list of the guild commands?

    For PC users (not certain if mobile is the same) there is a list of commands in HELP that can be accessed from the ... at the end of the chatbox should you find yourself wondering about any other ;)
  10. Myst

    Send To All In Guild Box Gone

    I know mine shows because I needed to forward the crafting party event. Sounds like you need to bug report it.
  11. Myst

    get problems with quest : Till Death do us part

    Game dialogue was bug reported a long time ago, don't know if it was ever updated.
  12. Myst

    Quest Suggestion: The Blessings of Tianma

    The first time I tried this, I noticed the horse looking straight ahead and yet the flash was over to the left. Best advice I could give is to pull your screen back as far as possible and become familiar with her route that was posted elsewhere on forum.
  13. Myst

    Quest Items

    Lower level quests that need garden/ranch items to be completed can be gifted, traded, or bought. It is not until END game that a player is asked to have ALL skills leveled. Ongoing, though, a crafter is expected to suck it up and regularly do combat in order to level, there is no other way.
  14. Myst

    Scaled version of lowbie elders?

    I like the idea of adding this as optional.
  15. Myst

    Game is Stuck on Loading Screen

    When it is stuck at authenticating I have heard that your virus protection might be flagging the game. You could try turning that off to get in but reinstalling is a better way.
  16. Myst

    Lv 95 elder fragments give uncommon (green) gear after combining

    It's not just elder frags though. I've seen/heard/experienced this issue on quest rewards and vendor items as well. While there is a high chance of getting uncommon when promised a minimum of rare, it doesn't always happen. That's why it's important to send as much detail as we can when...
  17. Myst

    Servers Down Weds, April 1

    So when do bunnies hit the store?
  18. Myst

    Bunny Mount WINNERS!

  19. Myst

    Current Mote Seller Prices and Locations

    The prices I see on US1 match these from US3.