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  1. Sinjin

    More Emojis?

    /em gestures vaguely
  2. Sinjin

    Any Advice for Earth Shaman Tank (Lv 95)???

    Earth shaman aren’t meant to tank as well as a lightning warrior. I do not know why this is so, but it’s pretty obvious that having one high dps single target damage spell costs them everything else… because there really isn’t anything an earth shaman has that is objectively better than...
  3. Sinjin

    Patch Notes Advance Patch Notes - The Mana Build!

    So long as you have exactly one water shaman… bring another and it’s “same number of rainbows, but one shaman is leaking mana” (costs 200 mana, hits 15 players, heals for 0 ticks)
  4. Sinjin

    Joth still not right!!

    Arcane + Massive is also a /restart on solo Water Shaman wherever it’s encountered, not just on Joth. The way I figure it, “sometimes, you just can’t win” and that means getting jackpotted by a ‘deadly affix combo’… but least I can restart without cooldown, right?
  5. Sinjin

    Patch Notes Advance Patch Notes - The Mana Build!

    I believe what’s spooking most players (who aren’t actively testing) is that they’re not seeing how the sausage is made and are concerned that the changes are being made in a vacuum. If the nervous player base saw the number of changes that have been made during this patch cycle in direct...
  6. Sinjin

    Questions from a newbie

    I don’t think there is any confusion. Armorcrafters get a star, weaponcrafters can get specific stats (but not additional stats), and blight stuff has its own rules.
  7. Sinjin

    Questions from a newbie

    I believe one of us has it wrong. You don’t get an ‘extra star’ (with weaponmaster). Weaponmaster let’s you craft a weapon with stats/glyphs that players without specialization cannot. Anything ‘extra’ you’re seeing is because you’re crafting blight weps and those weps get extra stat points...
  8. Sinjin

    Fan Friday Fan Friday Feb 24 - March 3

    Haha. I need to print those images and hang them so I can get a laugh as many times a day as I visit the fridge
  9. Sinjin

    Questions from a newbie

    If you have gotten any drop that has 2 of the same rune, it’s a bug. What I suspect (because it’s poorly documented and you have to make this mistake to even ask the question) is that you had a weapon drop and it had a round Phoenix Strike feat (feat is just another word for “the active runes...
  10. Sinjin

    DOT is active on target indicator

    … and then it would have to be recalculated (and potentially redrawn on the screen) every time you hit “cycle target” (which is often how we have to find those players that need a heal; either because they’re not in your party, or are in your party “below the scroll”)… so, potentially several...
  11. Sinjin

    DOT is active on target indicator

    Can’t do anything with the feat button since you can have dots ticking on more than one target, but only have one button. I agree, though… trying to see ‘who has that thing that needs cured’, and trying to play shadow where you only apply curses that are not ticking… nigh impossible, given how...
  12. Sinjin

    Raid Poll

    I feel like saying “ditto” is being lazy, but I don’t think I can say any of it better than @Black_Cvlt did. I’ll just add one thing. I (mostly) raid because it’s fun and I find that “people that are being entertained can often be pretty entertaining”. It’s less fun when my class isn’t welcome...
  13. Sinjin

    Which zones do you only do once or avoid?

    Definitely Blackfury Gorge; most players never make it there, and of those that do, few have more than one run in their bounty history. I used to hate on Drom pretty hard, but now it’s just a 15 minute task (if you know to jump at P to get to the lagoon, and the three places you need to jump...
  14. Sinjin

    Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, Feb 6th for Small Patch

    To my mind, there are 2 problems here, really: 1) When an encounter reaches a trigger (i.e., the boss reaches X% health and initiates <some ground effect to avoid, fatal or not>), it sends a message to the client to display the visual cue on the ground and starts a timer for X seconds (on the...
  15. Sinjin

    Invisible Path In Crystal Spire

    And if you’re playing on PC, you can see the ‘hidden’ path. On mobil, you can walk behind a PC player very carefully…
  16. Sinjin


    Fun Fact: You can’t close those spurious whisper chats on iOS, either (if you longpress on the whispered person’s avatar on the chat window, it hints that you can close the chat… but it’s a placeholder for that feature and was never implemented). The net result is that each time you open a...
  17. Sinjin

    Chat pop-up filters

    There was a bug with the iOS client would fire notifications for all chat messages, even messages that arrive on filtered channels or have already been viewed on the chat screen. The result was that the client displayed a new chat notification every time anyone spoke in any channel… but that...
  18. Sinjin

    Chat pop-up filters

    I have no clue on which client you use, and there’s a lot of things missing or instructions that change, depending on your client. On mobil, there are two different objections that I’m hearing; - (some level of annoyance) with notifications (of an unread text, which is the exclamation ‘!’ that...
  19. Sinjin

    View Distance

    I couldn’t count the number of mobile players I’ve had to help with display settings; otherwise, Tianma never appears. I’m not going to get into the whole “why can PC put any feat in any slot, but mobil can’t?” … but it does keep coming up.
  20. Sinjin

    Palace raid bug: can't open any door

    Have you tried to click on the ground below the door? This sometimes helps when attempting to directly target an object (player on dragon mount, gongs, chests, etc.)