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  1. I'm showing my lightning warrior build

    Can you share your skills as well? I’ve got a fury warrior that I’m thinking of trying lightning on. Is Phoenix strike a must? Or can you get by with just lightning skills?
  2. Divindi - US3

    Hello! I am a returning player who is making a new character and starting the game again. I have a few other characters around 3 rebirths and level 60, but working on a new main recently. I'll be in game with the name, Frets and would love to join if you are still recruiting.
  3. Fury/Warcry build for leveling

    Hi everyone! I am working on a new character and planning on building the fury warrior/warcry build. This build has been posted by others and is sometimes called, "The Angry Bard," or "The Singing Warrior." I often play bards in other games, and am a professional musician so this build is very...