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  1. Camadeen

    Patch Notes Servers Down Thursday, Sept 16th for Small Patch

    I’m pretty sure that 34% bonus to your abundant harvest means adding a 34% bonus of your base chance. Not adding a 34% bonus to your base chance. Ex. : Your base chance for an abundant harvest is 5%. Then add an extra 34% of your base chance (which would be 1.7%) resulting in a 6.7% chance for...
  2. Camadeen

    Quality of Life

    It is impossible to equip an item that is above your level. Could this mechanism also be added to the gnogmenting procedure so as to make it impossible to make a current piece unusable? It begs the questions: Why is it even possible? How is this a feature? I know that there is a confirmation button.
  3. Camadeen

    Low level 22 hour garden exotics xp

    Could be that the last digit is not showing is the description. I’m on iOS. I’ll send in bug report now.
  4. Camadeen

    Low level 22 hour garden exotics xp

    It seems that the xp stated for the low level 22 hour exotics has changed. For example 22 hour onions now give 24 xp. the hasty onion for 2 hours give 65. This seems to go up to level 22 exotics. The pepper I harvested this morning yielded four hundred and some xp (with pie). The seeds now state...
  5. Camadeen

    Suggestions for 2021 'Quality of Life Build'

    I’ve seen others suggest a faster way to tear down fleece, hams, and eggs. Perhaps it could be introduced as a perk/ability for Production Masters.
  6. Camadeen

    The Give An NPC A Name Contest!

    male - Colin Culm female - Merry Poopins
  7. Camadeen

    Crafted Mana Potions

    Perhaps mana potions can be “berry enhanced”. Either as an optional ingredient in current recipes, or as a new recipe, an additional garden-grown berry could be added to the mix to give it a boost. If the additional berry was as a blueberry, the blueberry trade would not be disrupted, but higher...
  8. Camadeen

    What is adequately contributing to your village?

    The community here is more sharing and helpful than in any other mmo. People with exceptional combat skills help others with elders and bounties. Players with experience through rebirths help others get through tough quests. People who have the time to gather tens of thousands of raw materials...
  9. Camadeen

    Sickle Shield and weapons gnog pack

    Thank-you Ekimie. Now I just need to hunt down the appearance for the other 4 classes. I read that one person wasn’t fond of the wizard staff skin as it was too slender. It also seems as though a sickle is already available to a priest if they take the lvl 60+ Elder weapon for the gnog.
  10. Camadeen

    Sickle Shield and weapons gnog pack

    The Sickle Weapon Gnogpack is the current October 2020 calendar reward. Where can I see the different skins for each class? I’m not sure which character to give it to.
  11. Camadeen

    Augmentation runes not working

    I have room on a new axe for ‘Elder Bane’ rune. Does it work?
  12. Camadeen

    Augmentation runes not working

    As a business owner (a greenhouse/garden centre), if I knowingly sold pebbles to my customers while telling them they were seeds, that would be fraud. If later, I give real seeds to the good gardeners, that does not ameliorate my earlier deception. However, if I honestly thought the pebbles...
  13. Camadeen

    Dartrey dailies

    I also cannot find Viggo for Broken Blade quest from Dartrey Woods. May I please get his home address as he may be working-from-home.
  14. Camadeen

    Loading problems

    I just got a new iPad 4th gen and get black screen when trying to log in. Exact same situation with my husband. Our old iPads work fine to login. I thought it was the new iPads. Maybe there’s more to it. EDIT: We both deleted the app then re-downloaded it and the problem was resolved for both...
  15. Camadeen

    Servers Down Monday, December 16th

    I’ve used my V&H downtime productively. I learned that WoW has a new expansion coming out soon. Called Shadowlands. This is not a promotion for another game. I’m just sharing how I’m spending my time. You know what they say, “Idle hands do the devil’s work.”
  16. Camadeen

    Patch Notes 4.34.3

    Pretty sure it means that a node you are picking from will not turn plentiful while in use. A natural node’s location is not a factor in the chance to become plentiful.