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  1. Big Lee

    Patch Notes The Haunted Moors!

    The chance of activating Dark Frost five times in a row is 0.07776%, which is outrageous
  2. Big Lee

    Class balancing

    It sounds like it would be great to give shadow priests and hunters an acceleration skill. This is a very fair opinion.
  3. Big Lee

    Class balancing

    After the last update, the critical hit rate of the Dark Priest Sphere was reduced, which is very fatal. For new accounts, it is more difficult to run at low levels and has a great impact on the smoothness of the battle. A high-standard mage's current DPS is so explosive that almost no...
  4. Big Lee

    Stuck on load screen

    us2 stuck too.
  5. Big Lee

    PRIEST: Class-Balancing Feedback & Poll

    Shadow Pastor's sphere critical attack probability is too small, resulting in a poor experience, itself has no moving speed advantage, and no explosive skills, the sphere needs to be the same as before, and master to establish a connectio
  6. Big Lee

    Developer Livestreams 2023!

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  8. Big Lee

    Chat suggestions for PC

    What I want is that PC supports Chinese, and I hope to hurry up.
  9. Big Lee

    An Ode to Oober on US2

    We can make a monument to him in the main city.
  10. Big Lee

    Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, May 15th for HOMESTEAD!

    Why me can not in my home?
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  12. Big Lee

    Where is the balance

    I think dark priest is bad dps now,try me,for low level playes is too hard to pass heroes raids
  13. Big Lee

    Shadow Priests working as intended?

    Orb detonating probability 60 times their critical hit rate, basically 10 can have a full damage, you think this is reasonable
  14. Big Lee

    Shadow Priests working as intended?

    I always thought a critical hit rate of 20 percent was the most reasonable
  15. Big Lee

    Shadow Priests working as intended?

    Mages should be control-oriented, capable of both control and output. Why should other classes come?
  16. Big Lee

    Dark Accelerator

    I agree
  17. Big Lee

    Shadow Priests working as intended?

    I just hope the detonations stack up to 100% or increase the critical hit rate, otherwise a lot of shandow priest will have to say goodbye
  18. Big Lee

    Shadow Priests working as intended?

    Isn't the class balance making the not-so-powerful class strong, now the powerful class is rubbish
  19. Big Lee

    Shadow Priests working as intended?

    dark frost doesn't work. Development is invisible? Please return the critical hit rate
  20. Big Lee