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  1. Zeph

    Zone list - where can I go!

    They are both on the list.
  2. Zeph

    Flying mounts issue

    I just do a little jump up for the npc's, many of my mounts get stuck there.
  3. Zeph

    Can you buy premuim items on AH

    vaults sell for approx 1000 gold give or take on US3, that sounds expensive!
  4. Zeph

    Rebirth and elders? This will help you! You only need to take all your gear off to rebirth, the npc will give you instructions, you do not have to have the lvl 30 elders to rebirth. good luck...
  5. Zeph

    Tamed Zombie Mount

    Is it just gold or meds also?
  6. Zeph

    Tamed Zombie Mount

    Actually I believe Hox's mount is a swamp mushroom so where the zombie mount comes from is a mystery!
  7. Zeph

    Tamed Zombie Mount

    Baldok gives a war boar, so unless he gives two it's maybe Hox?
  8. Zeph

    What are you watching right now?

    Watching Ozark series on Netflix from series one, ready for the new series!
  9. Zeph

    The Shadow Future

    From the beginning of the depths dungeons go as follows, sylph, life, death, grief, amethyst then spring. Spring leads to the future portal.
  10. Zeph

    Could we have crown sale? :D

    Most of Europe is the same, we have been told not to go out unless to buy food , our working hours will be seriously reduced and might even have to stay home , so more time spent on game!
  11. Zeph

    Pyrron Zones

    not to mention rift gear!
  12. Zeph

    Game Balance

    I agree Kitty, and let's not forget a good proportion of players never run dungeons from choice. I don't pretend to understand all dungeon mechanics but it seems sensible to look there first.
  13. Zeph

    Blight motes/recipes

    You will need them all for primals !!!
  14. Zeph

    Servers Down Monday, Feb 10

    I relogged and went to hop 2 and they work now!
  15. Zeph

    Servers Down Monday, Feb 10

    Quest issues are also on pc
  16. Zeph

    Bonus XP weekends or something.

    I loved starting from new, learning to craft, exploring each zone, admiring the scenery, reading the story of quests, looking up at the sky, yes I wanted to lvl up to see the next zone, but not just to rush through as fast as possible, I enjoyed the experience of finding hidden corners, each...
  17. Zeph

    US3 not back up after reboot

    It's up :D
  18. Zeph

    US3 not back up after reboot

    They reboot every Tuesday but it's usually down for only a few minutes. This isn't usual, and must need a fix.
  19. Zeph

    US3 not back up after reboot

    No idea but it's about 3am where devs are so probably wont be just yet!
  20. Zeph

    US3 not back up after reboot

    Still not up after 30 mins.