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  1. Zerowon

    Show us your house interior!

    Here my alts TheWildInn
  2. Zerowon

    House Item Wish List - What do our Players Want in their Homes?

    Oh a long bar table would be wonderful, and maybe some cupboards with cups. ( My alt has a inn thing going asylum city us3 2 houses down from the black smith ) but a bar and bar stools, would look amazing and free up some space!
  3. Zerowon

    House Item Wish List - What do our Players Want in their Homes?

    Giant plush toys! Otters! Bunnies, mushrooms!
  4. Zerowon

    House Item Wish List - What do our Players Want in their Homes?

    This stuff is at the dartry woods elders, and i want its all, but would be totes amazing to have a pond!
  5. Zerowon

    Fan Friday Fan Friday May 26 - June 2

    Congrats all!
  6. Zerowon

    Happy World Otter Day

    happy world otter day!
  7. Zerowon

    House Item Wish List - What do our Players Want in their Homes?

    I would like ghost house guest that can walk around and sit down, look at books and stuff, and a bigger bed I can share, or just give me king Leo's, he ain't using it, I'd also like effects on the wall like dripping blood or slime, and floor effects like the zombie claw toy or mist.
  8. Zerowon

    What are you currently reading?

    I was reading Tobins spirit guide, now I'm all hostclub Manga, usage yojimbo comics, and Gravity falls
  9. Zerowon

    Is it possible to add some glowing weapons or enchantments that make them glow

    The priest has a few glowing weapons
  10. Zerowon

    Twilight vale suggestions

    Prisma Otter mount, I need more Otter mounts 2 just not enough. And also prisma Otter outfit thank you Also feel free to add your o2n suggestions every one!
  11. Zerowon

    New Event Zone Idea

    Heck yeahs we need more event zones
  12. Zerowon

    Fan Friday Fan Friday March 31 - April 7

    Congrats all
  13. Zerowon

    Holy Changes

    I still don't get exactly why holy wouldn't be the most powerful, divine power is godly power. And once again why remove this dps entirely couldn't you have dialed it back by x% instead?
  14. Zerowon

    Revert Changes - Poll

    I'm gonna say the mana changes are epic, and we'll done, but why any class was nerfed is foolish to me, other classes could have been brought up to par, but the decision to holy priest dps were awful. I didn't even know about ice wizards, and those poor guys rep wasn't really there to begin...
  15. Zerowon

    Where is the balance

    I with you here, saying holy shouldn't be a dps class and nerfing them is stupid, Holy is divine power , divine is godly power for pity sake. On top of that dps is gone so much even my heals can't save me from mobs, and thats with good legendary gear at lv 80. Although my Holy has been around...
  16. Zerowon


    A flying butterfly would be amazing athink of all the variants that could be made
  17. Zerowon

    US 3 - ppl getting stuck /"preparing zone"

    Been over 3 hours for me
  18. Zerowon

    Holy Changes

    As a dps holy, I really don't understand why holy got nerfed at all, I saw plenty of feedback under the original patch notes, and although the mana part is indeed nice, I still feel this patch for holy was completely unnecessary, and the 2nd most disappointing thing that has ever happened to the...
  19. Zerowon

    What are you watching right now?

    I'm currently watching Ranma 1/2