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  1. ripcord

    Mana Meta Meeting

    Hi all, I know there was this huge thread on mana and if this idea was floated already I’m sorry for opening up this can o worms again. No matter the level of the player skills cost the same (at base) and mana pots refill the same no matter their level. I don’t think anyone wants major changes...
  2. ripcord

    Mana Meta Meeting

    Hi all, I know I know there was this huge thread that was closed recently regarding mana pots. I admit I didn’t read the whole thing, so if this idea was in there.... oops. The big issue with changing how mana pots give mana is that skills cost the same MP regardless of level. And mana pots...
  3. ripcord

    Mobile: Double-Tap to Jump: Yes or No?

    Whaaaat? We truly are the forgotten class. There are several including myself, Kilg, Sumia, and Janye
  4. ripcord

    Patch Notes Patch 4.58.2 - Servers Down Monday, April 12th

    FYI the Robo Vault is not available in the shop... at least as of earlier today. I see that the Easter items were restored and Sugarsweet removed.
  5. ripcord

    Mobile: Double-Tap to Jump: Yes or No?

    Programming is VERY complicated sometimes. As the devs said you think you are making a simple change and it breaks something else unrelated in the game. If you haven't programmed yourself I would download a program like Julia and try and program a little yourself. Sometimes I would be stuck for...
  6. ripcord

    Patch Notes Patch 4.58.2 - Servers Down Monday, April 12th

    Honestly everyone complaining about the double jump being gone... For me on mobile it made targeting such a pain. I would jump all the time at inconvenient moments, ESPECIALLY during Jacinda fights where I have to double tap on a target to attack. So for me, double tap everywhere is a problem...
  7. ripcord

    Ideas on making Ice Wizards not a meme

    Thanks for this thread. There have been several over the last 2 years, especially after the devs yanked Mind Spark away from ice wizards... granted that happened right as I was starting in this game so I have no idea what it used to be like. All of these suggestions are quite interesting. What...
  8. ripcord

    Mount Logic

    So far the devs have not retroactively added a mount ability. Even though there were brooms last year, the older model does not have the ability to fly over water. Only the brooms available from Halloween in 2020 can fly over water so far, as well as carpets from Oasis 2020. Additionally the...
  9. ripcord

    ice wizard

    Cool! Have fun with it. I recommend points go into all ice talents except for thermal shell, it's useless. Then I invest in Frost Fire and the additional savagery talent, though how much each is useful depends on your build. Frostfire is more useful as you level IMO because the amount of SAV...
  10. ripcord

    ice wizard

    I'm an ice wiz on my main and really enjoy playing it. I had to tweak it a lot to squeeze out as much damage as possible. I guess the main reason I like it is that I don't crumple like a fire wizard can, but I really didn't play fire beyond the initial 20 levels. I'm not the top DPS but I can...
  11. ripcord

    Proposed Mana Changes

    I one hundred percent agree with you MathFish. I’m an ice wiz on US2 and had a fairly balanced build leveling because I could take my time. Then I hit end game content and found myself kinda low on the dps charts, and I did not accept my fate so I worked the problem. I threw away all the...
  12. ripcord

    Sugarsweet Boss Health Update

    I second this. This year the boss runs on US2 are a total mess. Last year you could ask and someone knew when the group of 2hr bosses would spawn and the 1.5hr bosses would spawn. This year the kills are random and so spread out.A longer window gives a better opportunity for catching them. I...
  13. ripcord

    Winners of the NPC Name Contest

    Whoo thank you so much! Congratulations also to pawwars and BashaDrake! I hope everyone gets all the black and brown they deserve!
  14. ripcord

    The Give An NPC A Name Contest!

    I think since you can shovel coal or you can shovel... poop, and the devs like to make cheeky names: Iben Shovelin or maybe Imeen Deep
  15. ripcord

    Ice Wizard Suggestions

    I think I'm one of the top ice wiz on US2, and probably the most active these days. I recently completed Gold on raids, can tank most EZ bosses and up to 85 elders with healing support. My dps usually ends up mid to high during 95 elders. Caveats, I had to make all new raid gear, and sacrifice...
  16. ripcord

    Raids - something needs to stay, slow burners

    My biggest concern with raids now is that all the rewards (except the tiered rewards) reset at the end of the season. This means that the following reset: Ducats Relics Dungeoneering Raids unlocked Raid progression for rewards I’m not saying all of these should stay. I can understand some of...