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  1. UI Crash

    This is the UI bug in my iOS device
  2. UI Crash

    Hi Ivar, just an update in my iOS devices the ui bug changed, it just closes. I haven't replicated it in android, In windows tried the the full and windowed option and persisted, laptop and desktop.
  3. UI Crash

    Sure, it is gonna take some time as I only log on mobile for gardening and ranching, but as soon I get it I'll post it
  4. UI Crash

    any tips?
  5. UI Crash

    This is happening to me a lot lately, since the Twilight Vale I've been experincing this kind of crash, sometimes once a day, sometimes like loggin in take a few steps and bam ui crash like 3 to 6 in a row. I was blaming my laptop and tried the fixes posted on general troubleshooting checklist...
  6. Gardening Suggestions

    Ì think is one of the best structured suggestions and I love it, the problem would be that most of the players are casual (or seems to me in the little time I've been playing) and this suggestions seems a bit for hardcore players. I'd love to see an improvement on the villager aspect, maybe...
  7. Zero Tolerance Policy for Autoclickers and Bots

    This was one of the main reasons I started playinh V&H, I did not find a bot. I've left so many games because bots ruined them
  8. Countdown for events

    As the title says, it would be great it there was a countdown for events, like "3 days 15 hours 7 minutes left" or whatever the format
  9. Enhance / Power boost

    What is this feature about? Just tested this feature on some items and couldn't pin point what is this about The stats didn't change at all, To the item description it was added a message that says "5/5 Enhancement +1.5 power boost" What do this boost reflects on?