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  1. Sultan

    Patch Notes Servers Down Weds, April 12th for Patch 5.O

    When i notice 5.0 i thought we gonna get the house update. I was Expecting something big it turned out to be small. 😑
  2. Sultan

    Season 5 of Raids....When is it coming?????

    Thank you so much for the Update. We absolutely needed this!
  3. Sultan

    Haunted Moors Departure Date

    Do you have any Update on Regarding Raids? @Sarah Otter
  4. Sultan

    Haunted Moors Departure Date

    Thank you for giving us the Departure Date
  5. Sultan

    Raids Season 5!!!

    @Sarah Otter We would love to hear another Update from you, what happen to Raids? You said it's gonna happen somewhere in November and now we're in Late November right now. Plus on the side note: Christmas is coming as well. Thanks! Best, Faisal
  6. Sultan

    Compensation Gifts for Recent Game Issues

    Thank you so Much Sarah for the 2 Crowns hat and a vault and Ty for making them Permanent Account Bound! You're Awesome and hard work woman
  7. Sultan

    Raids Season 5!!!

    Thank you so much for the Update. It's good to take a little bit time. There is no Rush to release the raid. Just take your time and fix those issues. When it's done. Whenever you wanna release the Raid. That's on you. Good luck and I hope you doing well. 😀 Best, Faisal
  8. Sultan

    Raids Season 5!!!

    @Sarah Otter any Update on when Raid Season 5 is gonna start? We're Currently in Early November.
  9. Sultan

    Patch 4.85 - The Haunted Moors - Now Live!

    Hey @Ivar Hill I Appreciate the effort you put in. It somewhat Sad that the Patch note Doesnt have full list of Details such as mobile users can see their Combat Level exp Requirement. Which was Definitely one of the Highly Requested but finally got added however tho it doesn't show how much...
  10. Sultan

    Patch Notes Patch 4.58.2 - Servers Down Monday, April 12th

    It's Great that they Apply Gambling law in their Country Because some Players will fall for Gambling. Remember Brazil will take Action as well from what I heard on Articles.
  11. Sultan

    Patch 4.53 - Sugarsweet Summit

    That is Sweet.
  12. Sultan

    Patch 4.53 - Sugarsweet Summit

    You have to purchase this with CC right?
  13. Sultan

    Suggestions for 2021 'Quality of Life Build'

    Level 95 Elder bosses Needs to be Improved! (My Suggestion) This was one of my Main suggestions of improving level 95 elder bosses. I know and understand in the past 4-5 months there's lot of drama and depression happen to it and happen to me but I can't go thru it because I dont wanna cause...
  14. Sultan

    V&H Influencer Ads

    Idk Ads is Good Idea or bad but some people are Criticizing it. I find some Ads Quite Cringey. What I mean by that is... some of the Character faces on video doesn't match too well and some of them having bad timing on Showing stuff and few of them Cover the mobile Screen Just Reading Script...
  15. Sultan

    Combat Experience Requirment list. [Small Guide]

    Unfortunately No. When I apply myself to Beta Testing they Rejected it because my account was Banned just for 1 Day. It's just their Company Policies that they have to make. :/
  16. Sultan

    Combat Experience Requirment list. [Small Guide]

    One thing I do wanna Point out... Few Months Before There was Update happen where they reduced Exp for Level 80 to 90 players. If any of you. Is level 75 ish please don't forget to Track level 75 to 90 Experience Number. It will help us alot. Thank you if you did. Now I need little bit help...
  17. Sultan

    Server Reboot Weds Oct 21 for Hot Fix

    Oh! I get it now. Thank you for the info. When you take down someone post. Explain it to them Privately so they know what mistake they are making. Edit: I know it's going to break the Tos but Players Share them to their Friends and their Friends Share them to other and if its continuously gonna...
  18. Sultan

    Server Reboot Weds Oct 21 for Hot Fix

    A Full Statement of Exploit and what is it and how is it work. There was also 2 Pictures of Map Explaining how you can Glitch thru it. These Bugs was Report for Years but never got fix. 😒 I mean if they don't Care Fixing these bugs then this Game will Definitely gonna get Negative Reviews Edit...
  19. Sultan

    Server Reboot Weds Oct 21 for Hot Fix

    Sadly someone deleted my Exploit Statement without Any Reason why. 😒
  20. Sultan

    Elder Level Compensation Update

    This means if I Downloaded this Game again am I gonna Get all of these Rewards? I hit Cap in June and I'm Level 11 to 13 Ish Elder level. *In Break*